Nov 29, 2007

The Schreiber Farce: What's the Crime?

Let's see if I have this right:
  • Mulroney was Prime Minister from September 1984 until June 24, 1993; and
  • He ceased being the leader of the Progressive Conservative party before he ended his term as Prime Minister.

And, Schreiber says in his unsubstantiated affidavit, he paid Mulroney $100,000 in the following time frames:
  • August, 1993;
  • December, 1993; and
  • December, 1994.

Neither the timing of these payments, nor the payments themselves, are reasons for criminal, civil, or parliamentary concern. Nor is the Canadian Revenue Agency interested, because Mulroney has paid taxes on those amounts ... late or not.

The allegation that Liberals and the NDP are piously frothing over is the Schreiber allegation that the basis for these payments, the supposed agreement between the two men, was made two days prior to Mulroney's departure from public office on June 24, 1993. At the committee hearing though, Schreiber apparently indicated this "agreement" might have been made later. Kind of important, eh?

Yet no one on the House Ethics Committee asked Scheiber today, "what evidence can you give us to support this (or that) date". No one. Isn't this a bit strange?

Is there a hard-copy agreement between the two men, or was it a "gentlemen's agreement"? That question wasn't asked either. Very strange. If there is no hard copy agreement, Schreiber and his lap dog Liberals are going to look pretty foolish trying to prove such an agreement was made on the date claimed. Mulroney can claim the allegation is false, and then it's a matter of choosing between the word of a man desperately trying to stave off extradition to Germany (where he faces fraud and corruption charges), and the word of a former Prime Minister.

But there's more. If an arrangement was discussed prior to Mulroney's departure from public office, what is the crime? After all, the first Ethics guidelines and the Office of the Ethics Counsellor were not created until December 1993! Before that there were only loose guidelines governing ethical conduct.

So what's the crime? And, after 14 years, does anyone seriously believe that a court of law would enact any meaningful sanction against Mulroney if, in Schreiber's and the Liberal's wildest dreams, this farce got that far? Statute of Limitations, anyone?

Maybe Schreiber has a valid non-performance claim against Mulroney. Maybe not. But the matter is for a civil court to decide, not Parliament.

What a farce! Aided and abetted by the media sheep.

Postscript: The most odious part of this Farce Day was later, when Iggy got up in Question period and demanded to know what Peter McKay's father had said to him about the Mulroney payments. Odious, truly odious. This farce has gone on too long.

The Schreiber Farce, Part II

So Schreiber is refusing to say anything (worthwhile, completely made up, substantiated, you decide which) unless he can stay in Canada to avoid extradition to Germany to face fraud and other serious charges.

WOW! What a surprise! I didn't see that coming!

OK, now that this guy has screwed the Commons Committee, screwed Canadians, and screwed our justice system for eight years with the best that money can provide, it's time to screw him.

Extradite Schreiber now! Don't wait. The ten or so Candians who were interested in "the Mulroney Affair" ... which is appearing to me no more than a disagreement over a business deal ... have had it.

And let's send the Liberal Party and the NDP the bill for the cost so far. To be fair, I'll agree to write off this horrendous cost if the Liberals or the NDP can cite (outside the immunity of Parliament) just ONE criminal or civil charge against Mulroney that result in a charge being laid against him.

Otherwise, they should pay up for the obvious waste of time and money they have caused, and slink back into their stinking rat holes.

The only party that has acted intelligently, honourably, and in the best interests of Canadians all through this Farce is the Conservative Party.

Nov 28, 2007

The Schreiber Farce

If Mulroney had been convicted of fraud, the most he probably would have been given as a sentence is community service. After all, many DUI murderers receive this and Mulroney's "crime", if he is ever in court, could not exceed this, surely.

But he has not been charged, nor is there any apparent "crime". There are tons of allegations though, ALL of them politically motivated by Liberal and NDP hacks who are too cowardly to make specific indictable claims outside the immunity of Parliament.

On the other hand, Schreiber HAS been througth our court system exhaustively for the past eight years, has been proven to be a liar and fraud artist, and now his due process is over and he is on the cusp of extradition to Germany.

The Screiber farce is a travesty to Canadian justice, to the right of law in our nation, and the Justice Minister is correct to stand back and let the extradition take place on December 1st.

I just wish we could avoid the millions of dollars to be spent on the farce of an "inquiry" into an alleged criminal act that took place decades ago. If the Liberals or NDP have any evidence, let them produce it. So far there has been NO evidence, nor any corroboration of Schreiber's wild claims.

Claims, I might add, that are being used to prevent his extradition to Germany to be tried for fraud and other crimes.

Canada should not be held hostage by Schreiber.

If the Liberals or NDP think there is any evidence warranting the laying of criminal or civil charges against Mulroney, let them produce it. Schreiber has been unable to produce one piece of evidence that would result in either type of charge being laid, and he has had eight years and "the inside scoop" to facilitate such proceedings if he ever had the information.

This is a farce, a travesty of justice to Canadians, another Liberal waste of our taxpayer money, and a waste of Parliament's time. But what's new? After all, Liberals are so good at spending other people's money for their own selfish gain.

Nov 22, 2007

Human Rights Commission a Grave Threat

I recommend that you glance over this short report of a recent decision of Canada's Human Rights Commission. The implications are appalling.

While I may or may not support Jessica Beaumont's views, I do support her right to voice those views --- including posting extracts or a precis of a scripture. I hold the same view of extracts of the Koran or the Talmud, or any other religios scriptures ... at a minimum.

Because to do otherwise is to continue on a downward spiral towards the elimination of free speech in Canada if it is not deemed "politically correct" by a kangaroo court such as the CHRC.

Moreover, the CHRC is saying, in effect, that these (and other) "offending" religious passages are banned in bibles, the Koran and other holy scriptures too. After all, these publications are distributed broadly and, if the passages are against the law by constituting "a hate crime", then the bible (et al) should be banned because it contains such "hate crime" passages.

See where this is going? Care to write a critique of a human rights decision? Because if you do, and express a point of view that is contrary to this kangaroo court, then you are liable for 5 years in jail too. Where does this kangaroo court stupidity stop?

I call on the Conservative government to intervene in an appeal of the CHRC's decision re:
Jessica Beaumont, and to force a court challenge that makes it clear, once and for all, that the CHRC should keep it's nose out of free speech issues.

Failure to do so will be interpreted as complicity by the Conservative government that it agrees with the CHRC decision.

Just so there's some skin and meat attached to my view, I am including the following text especially for the attention of the CHRC, and will send an e-mail reference/copy of this post to the CHRC (so they can't miss it), as well as a copy to my MP Joe Preston.

Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.


If a man lies with man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.


I welcome prosecution by the CHRC and its rabid free-speech mongering members.

Update: Sent to CHRC via their form at their website:

I refer you to an Internet blog post I made today:

The post includes a quote from the scriptures which the CHRC banned Jessica Beaumont (on Oct 27 from making in the future). I welcome your charging me and trying to prosecute me with the same "crime". I'm not religious at all, but all Canadians must stop the CHRC kangaroo court from trampling over free speech in Canada.

Nov 21, 2007

An International Disgrace

To my previous post you can add the following observation.

Canada's reputation has been besmirched by the lying and incompetent RCMP actions in the Robert Dziekanski tragedy. And it certainly hasn't been helped by the bumbling Harper government response to this outrage.

And we really needed the video to be shown on 60 Minutes, didn't we?

What a bunch of losers we have for a national police force, and a "good governance" Conservative government.

Forget Mulroney-Schreiber. Forget the In & Out non-affair. Forget "tortured children" in Afghanistan.

Maybe Dion has the right take on the Tasering Outrage. When your opponents are wallowing in a quicksand morass of their own making, stand aside and watch them gulp the mud!

Sickening, just sickening for Canada, this whole Dziekanski affair.

Try this short piece.

Meanwhile, the disgraceful national cover up continues:

"The National Post reported yesterday that Karol Vrba, a probationary airfield operations specialist who is conversant in Polish, was in the operations centre when calls came in reporting Mr. Dziekanski's destructive behaviour. He was not asked to help and has since been fired. Mr. Levy confirmed that the airport continues to maintain such a list, which is updated at the beginning of each shift and contains information about which customer relations workers are available "and we would know what languages they would speak.

He did not specify whether Mr. Vrba -- whose job was not as a frontline worker -- would have been on that list, but did say that "there has not been any airport authority staff 's employment impacted by this incident." Mr. Vrba has filed a union grievance over his firing, which he suspects is related to statements he made saying he should have been called to help communicate with Mr. Dziekanski, who did not speak English. His firing has also raised questions for Walter Kosteckyj, a Polish-Canadian lawyer who is acting on behalf of Mr. Dziekanski's mother."

Canada's Heart Torn Out

The tragic and totally unnecessary death at Vancouver airport of a Polish immigrant, Robert Dziekanski, at the hands of the RCMP is the final betrayal of Canada by its national police force. And a huge setback in the much-vaunted "law and order" and "good governance" claims or aspirations of the Harper administration.

Relatives of Mr. Dziekanski have their own personal tragedy to bear. Canadians, though, have a warranted anger and rage directed towards our government and it's bumbling, disintegrating RCMP organization. I, too, am enraged at the RCMP and our federal government, and I'm afraid that this anger continues to grow each day as the discernible ineptitude and lies of the RCMP, and laissez-faire attitude and response of the Harper administration, continues to accumulate. Yes, I'm really mad, outraged, finally, at this sorry mess called the RCMP.

I recommend your reading this piece which sets the backdrop for what I have to write on the matter. I have already written my MP and a separate letter to the Prime Minister. That's how mad I am. For, in my estimation, both the Harper administration and the RCMP have betrayed Canada and Canadians, totally and completely, in this Dziekanski tragedy.

The final betrayal of Canadians by the RCMP has been a long time coming. It did not happen overnight. From the explained-away 2005 death of Ian Bush, shot in the back of the head by a member of the force while the young man was in custody in BC, to the bungling and apparent lying in the Air India investigation, to the alleged lying of the RCMP in the Arar debacle, to Commissioner Zaccardelli's bald-faced lies to a Commons committee and the public, Canadians faith and pride in its national police force has been eroding at a furious and distasteful pace.

Finally, with the Dziekanski tragedy, the patience of Canadians has ended, totally and completely. And Canadians are emotional, angry, and outraged with the RCMP. The institution, that is, not 99% of its officers. Outraged with the bad apples, the cover-their-ass senior staff, and the attitude that the RCMP is above the law, and can lie and get away with anything, with impunity.

The following are the details of the Dziekanski tragedy, as I see them. They may be wrong, or biased because of my white-hot anger and outrage, but this is what I have to say:

First, Vancouver airport personnel reportedly confined Mr. Dziekanski for 10 hours, this coming on the heels of a 13 hour flight and, no doubt, many hours beforehand reading for the flight to his "great" new country and land of opportunity. In all this time, no one at the airport's staff saw fit to try to establish cogent conversation with this new immigrant? This is a federal facility, the Vancouver airport, so Mr. Harper has some questions to answer about the total breakdown of communication, let alone compassion and decency, by airport staff in the secured arrivals area.

Second, if airport security officers aren't trained and equipped to deal with a non life-threatening incident like this, over a 10 hour period, then they are incompetent and should be fired. And the Harper's minister responsible for airports should be fired. Better still, if Stockwell Day is responsibly involved as Public Safety Minister, he should be fired too. That idiot has proven that he can't even drive a jet ski, let alone be responsive to a clear-cut outrage like this Dziekanski tragedy!

Third, the responding RCMP officers used a wholly inappropriate (and deadly) response to dealing with Mr. Dziekanski's agitation and non life-threatening behaviour. Their "shoot first and ask questions later" attack on Mr. Dziekanski is odious and cause, by itself, to question why taser use is not more regulated. Either that, or sound guidelines for taser use were disregarded by the responding RCMP officers who apparently, after less than 25 seconds after their arrival, began the deadly take-down of Mr. Dziekanski. We will find out their thinking through one of the many inquiries announced recently, but did we need a totally unnecessary death to prompt a thorough review of the general use of tasering by police forces in Canada?

One of the allegations from review of the third-party video tape of the sordid tragedy is the inference that responding RCMP officers were urged by airport staff to take immediate action on Mr. Dziekanski because a large international flight was arriving and its passengers would be privy to this saga. I hope this allegation is not true because, if it is, it lends odious rationale as to why the RCMP offices took down Mr. Dziekanski within 25 seconds of their arrival, if the video tape is to be believed.

Fourth, having fatally subdued Mr. Dziekanski, by two tasers and brute physical force, all on hand apparently stood by and did absolutely nothing while Mr. Dziekanski's life ebbed away and he died in their possession. What compassion, what caring, what respect for a new Canadian! Or, reciprocally, what abandonment and callousness!

Fifth, the RCMP lied to Canadians, again. They had commandeered the video-tape, had obviously reviewed it, yet at the resulting press conference selected to explain away this unfortunate incident, they totally mislead Canadians as to the facts of the take down Totally. Lied. To. Canadians. Again. On. Purpose.

Lastly, the Harper administration appeared to try to let this firestorm pass by unnoticed, or at least hope that it would. There is no way a major incident like this would not result in the RCMP briefing its political masters. If the RCMP also lied to the government, then heads should roll, quickly and publicly. If not, then ministerial heads should roll with the same speed. And Harper, as a bystander but a human being trying to unsuccessfully wear the mantle of "good governance", should step up and apologize to all Canadians for shirking his moral obligation in favour of political expediency.

It may be "cute" and "neat" to score political gotcha points with the opposition, Prime Minister, but this is a human being, a new Canadian who was abused and killed unnecessarily by the RCMP. And let's not forget the Canadian public who was KNOWINGLY LIED TO AGAIN BY THE RCMP, and ill-served by its government until the political pressure forced action. So step up to the plate, Harper, and do the right thing. Let's see if you really have the "right stuff" to do the honourable thing!

Because, in this case and once and for all, we Canadians want to see the all ther bodies, Harper!

  • We want to see the responding officers dealt with, severely.
  • We want to see their supervising offices dealt with, severely.
  • We want everyone involved in the cover up, and in the blatant lies to Canadians in the press conference, dealt with severely.
  • We want to see the appropriate (incompetent) Vancouver airport staff dealt with severely.
  • We want to see political heads roll.
  • And we all want to see this done transparently, above board.

Because, Mr. Harper, we Canadians are sick and tired of RCMP and political dirt being shoved under the carpet, or wrists slapped lightly. We want to see real, meaningful penalties administered for this misconduct, ineptitude, incompetence and lying. And forget the golden parachutes. Not one cent of our money goes out the door, Mr. Harper.

Because ordinary Canadians are subject to severe penalties when they do these types of things.

And neither the RCMP, nor politicians and civil servants, should be above the law.

It's an important test --- no, it's THE critical test --- for your government, Harper, as well as for Canadians' diminishing hope that this Conservative government is our last chance for good governance, before we degenerate completely into a parallel morass to our southern neighbour. The Liberals have proven time and time again that they are corrupt, and who would trust the NDP?

Oct 19, 2007

Growing the Brand

If you are Stephen Harper, in a minority government situation, and want to grow your market share amongst Canadians, would your strategy be to:
  • Show voters that you don't have scary agendas, let alone any "hidden" ones; and
  • Demonstrate that your governing policies are forward-thinking, responsive to the real needs of your constituents; and
  • Illustrate that you and your party have a firm understanding of this great nation, its achievements and its strengths; and
  • Clearly reinforce the point that you are the only party in recent times to keep your promises; and
  • Constantly draw a (self-evident) comparison between your party and the ineffective, self-centred and unprincipled opposition parties?
If you answered "Yes!" to all these points, then you have a fine appreciation of how the first week of this parliamentary session has played out for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Two Throne Speeches have now clearly demonstrated realistic and non-threatening legislative priorities for the nation. Hardly "scary", certainly not "hidden", and the "soldiers in our streets" theme and its purveyors are thoroughly disgraced. Nevertheless, this didn't stop the hapless Dion and his bunch of misfits from using the same hackneyed innuendo again in his reply to the Throne Speech. Some dolts never learn, I guess. And ex-professors are certainly thicker than the average Canadian.

Similarly, the legislative agenda advanced by the Conservatives has to strike a chord in the Canadian psyche. Artic sovereignty, tougher crime legislation, a practical approach to greenhouse gases and pollution that won't plunge the nation into a recession, tax relief including the second half of the commitment to reduce the GST rate, and economic stability and fine tuning of trade processes. And realism, not populist rhetoric, on the Afghanistan mission.

All this has been carefully choreographed. Take the Afghan mission for example. It is certainly not coincidence that creating the Manley task force, hearing the highly favourable results of independent polling of the Afghan people, and the Throne Speech indicating that an extension of the mission until 2011 may be required to continue training their army to take on primary responsibility for that nation's security ... all converged on the ears of voters during this week. Masterful orchestration, reflecting planning done some time ago. Well done.

Contrast this to the bumbling and stumbling Stephane Dion and his mendacious Liberals who, for the upteenth time, have clearly shown that they have no principles that they are willing to stand up for, and that continuing their fat paycheques is their only priority.

Tagging along for the ride, as usual, is Jack Layton and the NDP who continue to show Canadians why they are not a serious political party. Their Afghan demands are ridiculous ... cut and run now. Full stop. No Phase Two, unless "negotiating" with the Taliban (on how they will return that nation to the Stone Age) is taken seriously as a viable second step. No troops, no leverage, Jack. Never big on consequences, are you Jack? Just the usual glib "demands". Nothing is impossible for he who does not have to do the heavy lifting, our Jack has found out.

How Harper must have smiled when the Liberals elected Dion their new leader. A new leader without substance ... only arrogance, a pampered life, and a total void of how ordinary Canadians think, work, play, and view their government. So out of touch with Canada.

So Harper and the Conservatives have the best of both worlds. A minority government that can operate (within reason) as a majority government, and the spectre of increased seats if the three opposition parties foolishly combine to bring down the government.

Meanwhile, the government's agenda is advanced, the Conservative brand grows stronger, and the Liberal Party continues to demonstrate that it stands for nothing, and self-preservation is its only goal.

I am all for strong, effective, and reasoned opposition in parliament. Too bad that the Conservatives have to do all this, as well as their regular job, while the Loony Tunes parties rearrange deck chairs.

I don't think anyone is underestimating Harper, his style of management, or his strategic skills anymore.

Oct 17, 2007

The Libranos - Epilogue

There's a reason that columnists are paid big bucks ... their ability to conjure up images through their prose. To write the bon mot, the twist of the phrase, and to provide us rare insights into the psyche of the moment.

Read Don Martin's chronicle of the new Captain Chicken, a.k.a. Stephane Dion, who has assumed this dubious mantle from his predecessor, Paul Martin.

This moment has been a long time coming, so be sure to take a moment to savour it.

Soldiers in Our Streets

As my wife and I sat on the porch last night after viewing the Throne Speech, we talked about how changed the political landscape had become since Harper first lead the CPC in an election.

No longer were there insidious accusations of Hidden Agendas, Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalist conspiracies, or that old chestnut "Bush's lapdog". Moreover, all Canadians were still awaiting the appearance of the tanks, soldiers and artillery on the streets ... the subject of another smarmy Liberal election advertisement so swiftly derided by the media, ordinary Canadians, and all barnyard animals with one brain cell more than the unicell Liberal campaign war room.

Actually, my wife and I decided, the current state of well-managed government had begun with the lampooning of that "Soldiers in Our Streets" commercial. Lacking a record to run on, the Liberals had resorted to their favourite tactic of scaring Canadians away from other choices. "Liberal Values are Canadian Values", they pronounced.

I think Canadians were outraged, but prepared to accept in the end, Liberal sponsorship transgressions. But with that "Soldiers" commercial, the Libranos went way over the top and far beyond the credibility line of average Canadian. Oh, this isn't to say that Canadians didn't have other reasons for turfing these clowns, it was just that the Soldiers advertisement was probably the tipping point.

So here we are now, 19 months on, and the sky hasn't fallen, Harper has met kept most of his promises, soldiers aren't in the street, and Paul Martin's companies are still receiving favourable tax savings by keeping the ships registered offshore. Nothing has changed in LiberalLand (nor DipperLand for that matter), and Canadians have been treated to good, clean and transparent government.

We have a prime minister who looks like, acts like and strategizes on par with any other world leader, who has placed Canada on the map again after a drought characterized as mealy-mouthed, lilly-livered double-speaking, the mortgage on the national "house" is being paid down rather than buying a new SUV for every Liberal insider, and as a nation we are addressing the things that really matter.

I don't know about you, but I kind of like having a clean, principled and intelligent political administration in Ottawa again. And being treated to the spectre of the Liberal Party of Canada behaving like the 2007 version of The Three Stooges. More fun than a barrel of Buzzards circling over "dead leader walking".