Oct 17, 2007

Soldiers in Our Streets

As my wife and I sat on the porch last night after viewing the Throne Speech, we talked about how changed the political landscape had become since Harper first lead the CPC in an election.

No longer were there insidious accusations of Hidden Agendas, Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalist conspiracies, or that old chestnut "Bush's lapdog". Moreover, all Canadians were still awaiting the appearance of the tanks, soldiers and artillery on the streets ... the subject of another smarmy Liberal election advertisement so swiftly derided by the media, ordinary Canadians, and all barnyard animals with one brain cell more than the unicell Liberal campaign war room.

Actually, my wife and I decided, the current state of well-managed government had begun with the lampooning of that "Soldiers in Our Streets" commercial. Lacking a record to run on, the Liberals had resorted to their favourite tactic of scaring Canadians away from other choices. "Liberal Values are Canadian Values", they pronounced.

I think Canadians were outraged, but prepared to accept in the end, Liberal sponsorship transgressions. But with that "Soldiers" commercial, the Libranos went way over the top and far beyond the credibility line of average Canadian. Oh, this isn't to say that Canadians didn't have other reasons for turfing these clowns, it was just that the Soldiers advertisement was probably the tipping point.

So here we are now, 19 months on, and the sky hasn't fallen, Harper has met kept most of his promises, soldiers aren't in the street, and Paul Martin's companies are still receiving favourable tax savings by keeping the ships registered offshore. Nothing has changed in LiberalLand (nor DipperLand for that matter), and Canadians have been treated to good, clean and transparent government.

We have a prime minister who looks like, acts like and strategizes on par with any other world leader, who has placed Canada on the map again after a drought characterized as mealy-mouthed, lilly-livered double-speaking, the mortgage on the national "house" is being paid down rather than buying a new SUV for every Liberal insider, and as a nation we are addressing the things that really matter.

I don't know about you, but I kind of like having a clean, principled and intelligent political administration in Ottawa again. And being treated to the spectre of the Liberal Party of Canada behaving like the 2007 version of The Three Stooges. More fun than a barrel of Buzzards circling over "dead leader walking".

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