Nov 22, 2007

Human Rights Commission a Grave Threat

I recommend that you glance over this short report of a recent decision of Canada's Human Rights Commission. The implications are appalling.

While I may or may not support Jessica Beaumont's views, I do support her right to voice those views --- including posting extracts or a precis of a scripture. I hold the same view of extracts of the Koran or the Talmud, or any other religios scriptures ... at a minimum.

Because to do otherwise is to continue on a downward spiral towards the elimination of free speech in Canada if it is not deemed "politically correct" by a kangaroo court such as the CHRC.

Moreover, the CHRC is saying, in effect, that these (and other) "offending" religious passages are banned in bibles, the Koran and other holy scriptures too. After all, these publications are distributed broadly and, if the passages are against the law by constituting "a hate crime", then the bible (et al) should be banned because it contains such "hate crime" passages.

See where this is going? Care to write a critique of a human rights decision? Because if you do, and express a point of view that is contrary to this kangaroo court, then you are liable for 5 years in jail too. Where does this kangaroo court stupidity stop?

I call on the Conservative government to intervene in an appeal of the CHRC's decision re:
Jessica Beaumont, and to force a court challenge that makes it clear, once and for all, that the CHRC should keep it's nose out of free speech issues.

Failure to do so will be interpreted as complicity by the Conservative government that it agrees with the CHRC decision.

Just so there's some skin and meat attached to my view, I am including the following text especially for the attention of the CHRC, and will send an e-mail reference/copy of this post to the CHRC (so they can't miss it), as well as a copy to my MP Joe Preston.

Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.


If a man lies with man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.


I welcome prosecution by the CHRC and its rabid free-speech mongering members.

Update: Sent to CHRC via their form at their website:

I refer you to an Internet blog post I made today:

The post includes a quote from the scriptures which the CHRC banned Jessica Beaumont (on Oct 27 from making in the future). I welcome your charging me and trying to prosecute me with the same "crime". I'm not religious at all, but all Canadians must stop the CHRC kangaroo court from trampling over free speech in Canada.

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