Nov 21, 2007

An International Disgrace

To my previous post you can add the following observation.

Canada's reputation has been besmirched by the lying and incompetent RCMP actions in the Robert Dziekanski tragedy. And it certainly hasn't been helped by the bumbling Harper government response to this outrage.

And we really needed the video to be shown on 60 Minutes, didn't we?

What a bunch of losers we have for a national police force, and a "good governance" Conservative government.

Forget Mulroney-Schreiber. Forget the In & Out non-affair. Forget "tortured children" in Afghanistan.

Maybe Dion has the right take on the Tasering Outrage. When your opponents are wallowing in a quicksand morass of their own making, stand aside and watch them gulp the mud!

Sickening, just sickening for Canada, this whole Dziekanski affair.

Try this short piece.

Meanwhile, the disgraceful national cover up continues:

"The National Post reported yesterday that Karol Vrba, a probationary airfield operations specialist who is conversant in Polish, was in the operations centre when calls came in reporting Mr. Dziekanski's destructive behaviour. He was not asked to help and has since been fired. Mr. Levy confirmed that the airport continues to maintain such a list, which is updated at the beginning of each shift and contains information about which customer relations workers are available "and we would know what languages they would speak.

He did not specify whether Mr. Vrba -- whose job was not as a frontline worker -- would have been on that list, but did say that "there has not been any airport authority staff 's employment impacted by this incident." Mr. Vrba has filed a union grievance over his firing, which he suspects is related to statements he made saying he should have been called to help communicate with Mr. Dziekanski, who did not speak English. His firing has also raised questions for Walter Kosteckyj, a Polish-Canadian lawyer who is acting on behalf of Mr. Dziekanski's mother."

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