Nov 29, 2007

The Schreiber Farce, Part II

So Schreiber is refusing to say anything (worthwhile, completely made up, substantiated, you decide which) unless he can stay in Canada to avoid extradition to Germany to face fraud and other serious charges.

WOW! What a surprise! I didn't see that coming!

OK, now that this guy has screwed the Commons Committee, screwed Canadians, and screwed our justice system for eight years with the best that money can provide, it's time to screw him.

Extradite Schreiber now! Don't wait. The ten or so Candians who were interested in "the Mulroney Affair" ... which is appearing to me no more than a disagreement over a business deal ... have had it.

And let's send the Liberal Party and the NDP the bill for the cost so far. To be fair, I'll agree to write off this horrendous cost if the Liberals or the NDP can cite (outside the immunity of Parliament) just ONE criminal or civil charge against Mulroney that result in a charge being laid against him.

Otherwise, they should pay up for the obvious waste of time and money they have caused, and slink back into their stinking rat holes.

The only party that has acted intelligently, honourably, and in the best interests of Canadians all through this Farce is the Conservative Party.

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