Nov 28, 2007

The Schreiber Farce

If Mulroney had been convicted of fraud, the most he probably would have been given as a sentence is community service. After all, many DUI murderers receive this and Mulroney's "crime", if he is ever in court, could not exceed this, surely.

But he has not been charged, nor is there any apparent "crime". There are tons of allegations though, ALL of them politically motivated by Liberal and NDP hacks who are too cowardly to make specific indictable claims outside the immunity of Parliament.

On the other hand, Schreiber HAS been througth our court system exhaustively for the past eight years, has been proven to be a liar and fraud artist, and now his due process is over and he is on the cusp of extradition to Germany.

The Screiber farce is a travesty to Canadian justice, to the right of law in our nation, and the Justice Minister is correct to stand back and let the extradition take place on December 1st.

I just wish we could avoid the millions of dollars to be spent on the farce of an "inquiry" into an alleged criminal act that took place decades ago. If the Liberals or NDP have any evidence, let them produce it. So far there has been NO evidence, nor any corroboration of Schreiber's wild claims.

Claims, I might add, that are being used to prevent his extradition to Germany to be tried for fraud and other crimes.

Canada should not be held hostage by Schreiber.

If the Liberals or NDP think there is any evidence warranting the laying of criminal or civil charges against Mulroney, let them produce it. Schreiber has been unable to produce one piece of evidence that would result in either type of charge being laid, and he has had eight years and "the inside scoop" to facilitate such proceedings if he ever had the information.

This is a farce, a travesty of justice to Canadians, another Liberal waste of our taxpayer money, and a waste of Parliament's time. But what's new? After all, Liberals are so good at spending other people's money for their own selfish gain.

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