Apr 27, 2008

Brenda Martin - The Whiners

The Mexican judge handed out a 5-year sentence to Ms. Martin, plus a $3,500 (equivalent) fine.

The paperwork to extricate Martin out of Mexico to serve her sentence in Canada obviously takes a lot of work and time. But this didn't stop her rabid supporters, including the usual federal Liberal stooges, from mouthing off about the Canadian government dragging its feet.

However, not one of her "humanitarian-oriented" supporters stepped forward to offer to pay all or a portion of the fine, a condition necessary to discharge her from Mexican custody. Not even Liberal McTeague, one of the many who made this "foot-dragging" accusation.

So it falls to the government and the people of Canada, again, to pay for this humanitarian guesture via a Distressed Canadian Citizen advance/loan.

Which only proves that there's nothing so free as Other People's Money committed by do-gooders, Liberals, and these wonderful "humanitarians".

Scum. All of them.

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