Jun 12, 2008

Betrayed and Deceived

Canadians, you have just been screwed royally by the Conservatives.

Prentice of the (Conservative) government tabled Bill C-61, the new Copyright Act, today. Almost simultaneously I received a canned e-mail from him, possibly in response to my own e-mail to him some time ago, essentially touting the "balanced" nature of this draft legislation.

Hogwash. Balderdash. Disingenious and, possibly, nothing but a bald-faced lie.

Users rights (that's me, you, consumers, etc.) are trashed. The music and entertainment suits get everything they want, and more. The proposed legislation is much, much worse than the infamous Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DCMA) of the United States. And if there ever was a sellout of consumer rights, that was one of biblical proportions!

Essentially, you and I have been screwed over by the Conservative. Sold out. Down the river.

Want to have the right to make a back up of your legally purchased movie or music on a DVD or Blu-ray? Sorry. That's explicitly criminal now under Bill C-61. Buy another copy instead, and enrich Prentice's new found American friends again.

Want to copy that "proprietary" song or video that you purchased from Apple on to your non-proprietary iPod-like device, or your own computer? Sorry, you will now be a criminal according to the Conservative's Bill C-61. And you can pay again for the pleasure of watching or listening again to something you already own.

Want to send your computer to that great boneyard in the sky and get a new one, and be able to copy the music and videos that you legally own to your new computer? Sorry, that's a criminal act under Bill C-61. Go out and buy (once again) the music or videos that you already own.

Did your hard drive just crash, taking all your years of legally purchased, expensive music and videos with it? Oh, you bought another hard drive and just want to restore (from backup) all the material that you already paid for? Sorry, that's illegal too. Go out and spend thousands again. Enrich those wonderful corporations, usually Americans, that the Conservatives have sucked up to so totally.

Could Prentice, Harper and the rest of the Conservatives have created a more one-sided, son-of-U.S. DMCA Copyright Act? I doubt it. Fair Use rights ignored. Consumers and users rights trashed. A sell out to the Americans.

And, the gall to even suggest that Bill C-61 is a "balanced" bill. On top of which Prentice cherry picks any "protection" that might be in it for the user/consumer.

For example, aren't you glad to know that you can legally make copies of your VCR tapes that you own? But not DVDs and newer storage media. Hellooooo, Prentice. Who the hell makes copies of VCR tapes, for God's sake. Who even has any more of these lying around?

Listen up, dummy. you are going to have to do better than using "you can copy VCR tapes" as an example of "balance" in legislation.

Harper, Prentice et al: Either let this legislation die on the Order Paper, or withdraw it. Then, get real and start doing what we elected you to do. Actually read all the submissions that Geist and other "average Canadians" have already made to you. Start representing all the interests of all Canadians. Not just the interests of American suits. And, for God's sake, stop sucking up to Americans. It's so demeaning seeing you in that awkward position!

Disclosure: I am a long-time, die-hard Conservative supporter. No more. I don't like being lied to, being ignored, and being used as cannon fodder just so that Harper can be lap dog to George Bush.

Remember the Income Trust betrayal! I'm still many $$$'s in the hole from that Conservative "promise".

Remember the Vancouver Taser Incident and the "I'm running away from my responsibility to protect Canadians" attitude and response of Stockwell Day. Even today, he's delaying publication of the report from that incident. Liars, toadies and cowards!

And don't forget that it was Keith Martin, a Liberal, who introduced and amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act so that all Canadians can get back our right to free speech, that has been trashed, trampled and ignored by "human rights tribunals" across Canada. Not the Conservative Party.

And don't forget that it is the NDP that is putting forth a motion to protect air (and I hope other) travellers from being treated like cattle to be milked by Canadian carriers. Not the Conservative Party.

Who the hell are the Conservatives "protecting" and serving? Not me and you. Just big business. Time and time again.

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digital_man said...

Hello Burp'n Run, I totally understand what you mean by the disappointments the Conservative Party have been handing out. No party does everything right, but this new copyright law is a major infringement on our rights as consumers.
For the past few years, I had been a contributing supporter of th Conservative Party. However, the next time I receive one of those donation envelopes, I will politely tell them my donation is being delayed until this law is reversed and defunct.

The only problem is I don't know who to vote for if this law becomes permanent. I cannot vote for the Liberals because they just don't seem to have enough members with the integrity of Keith Martin, the NDP is too left wing, and if you look at the blog I just started up , ontarioslant.blogspot.com , you will understand why I cannot vote for the Green Party.

Best Regards and keep up the good blogging,