Jun 14, 2008

If the CPC is Thinking of a Future Agenda ...

Then perhaps the Conservative Party of Canada should start thinking about representing the interests of ordinary Canadians, rather that just the interests of big business or, more succinctly, the interests of American business.

1. Codify the rights of ordinary Canadians in a new Copyright Act. As their draft now stands, it trashes our rights. For a starting point, maybe something along the lines of my previous post?

2. Explicitly protect ordinary Canadians when monopoly conditions (pseudo or actual) exist, such as:

- strange that Westjet and Air Canada fares are within a few cents of each other, when the two have dissimilar cost structures? And how about a Canadian Travellers' Bill of Rights addressing flight cancellations, delays, baggage allowances, lost luggage, snotty service?

- when your only wired telephone company, cable TV provider, internet provider is a single company in town and has no incentive to be competitive or improve service offerings?

- when you only have one natural gas provider on your street; moreover, why does natural gas go up lockstep in price with oil? Did their discovery, transmission, etc., costs change?

3. Move quickly to make clear in Human Rights legislation that free speech is a right, not a whim to be ignored by the kangaroo-courts style antics of so-called Human Rights Tribunals. Why not abolish the tribunals, turn the job of enforcement over to the courts where the rule of law actually exists (rathered than ignored), and where the playing field (costs, evidence, burden of prooof, etc.) is levelled for the complainant and the respondent?

4. Quickly mandate where tasers can be used, the circumstances, and usage guidelines. Not to mention automatic liability of those who ignore or disobey the legislation!

5. Restore the Freedom of Information process which has been trashed since the Conservatives got into power. Delays, exclusions, waffling, etc., are the hallmarks of the "new Conservative government", rather than the more open and transparent government that they promised in their platform and during the last election. When revising the legislation, put stiff personal financial and prison penalties into it to address foot-dragging, exceeding permissible time limits, etc., by anyone, bureaucrats and ministerial (incl. staff) alike!

6. Start putting mandatory, non-negotiable minimum sentences into crime legislation, especially crimes involving firearms. Also consider a minimum of 75% of sentence serving before eligible for parole.

7. Establish an on-the-spot complaints/resolution/escalation process for travellers harassed by process-focussed, ill-trained and ill-supervised security yahoos at airports. Who in our federal government is actually responsible and accountable for the antics of these yahoos, anyway?

8. Actually DO SOMETHING about telemarketers and e-mail spam! Implement immediately do-not-call, do-not-email legislation and lists on the basis that you have to opt-in explicitly to receive this crap. By the way, if you want to opt out of junkmail delivered by Canada Post, you will also miss notices from your municipality about garbage collection calendars, town meeting, etc. Surely to God you can fix this up, Harper. Right now the supposed "opt out service" is a sham, one written to cater 100% to the needs of business, while screwing oredinary Canadians 100% also.

This would be a start. Harper, feel free to use any of these points. I couldn't give a rat's posterior about attribution!

If you can't stand up for ordinary Canadians, Harper, then you and your cohorts deserve to be turfed from office!

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