Dec 12, 2008

Calling All Canadian Greens ...

Yes, I realize that Elizabeth May is probably entirely focused on getting a Senate seat now, having shilled so well for the LPC during the last election, but here's some question for her and her crew while she's waiting for her Coalition gravy train to arrive:
  1. Who authorized Ms. May to enter into an agreement with the Liberal Party and/or its (then) leader, Stephane Dion, concerning "cooperation" during the 2008 election, and based on what analysis/proposal?

  2. Where is this agreement, what is its full content, and when will it be made available to the membership for approval/rejection?

  3. Who authorized Ms. May to shill for the Liberal Party in the final days of the 2008 campaign (the infamous "Stop Harper" musings, thinly disguised), and in her latest press pronouncement concerning a "coalition" with one or more other Canadian polical parties?

  4. Why was $4 million ($2 million borrowed) apparently spent to fund a 2008 election campaign that, in the end, amounted to no more than Ms. May shilling votes for the Liberal Party, rather than explaining the Green Platform to Canadian voters and making the GPC a viable political alternative?
Since these shoddy, self-centred tactics of the incompetent May cost the party $1.95/vote, and a reduced share of votes, and some candidates to lose their deposits unnecessarily, and to be perceived by the public and the media as "total kooks and idiots", will these questions ever be answered by executive (Federal Council)?

More importantly, when will the Executive of the Green Party demand that May be forced to defend her deplorable actions in front of a Leadership Review? Or is it time to throw these mismanagers out too?

One could conclude that the Greens have possibly been dealt a fatal blow by May's ill-advised machinations. If so, I call on all Green to get rid of the rot that has weakened their party, and to see what can be done to restore the party to favour again.

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