Dec 9, 2008

How Many Objectives Has The Coalition Achieved?

  1. Has it proposed ANY solutions for solving Canada's reputed economic woes, which was supposedly THE REASON (not the $1.95 elimination, no, never!) for the coalition's existence? Answer bonus: Should Canada/government continue to wait for US/Obama thrusts/impacts to become clearer, or whether Canada with the strongest economy of the G8 should run immediately huge deficits so that we can be seen "doing something", but accomplishing little ... other than making a lot of unionists happy to see Other People's Money coming their way)?

  2. Reducing further any residual value in the "Liberal brand" after the last election? Parameters: continued infighting, distressed members, laughable reaction of the media to the sordid soap opera, current polls, two-faced democracy utterances, accomplished zilch since 2006 to reform the party, etc.

  3. Convincing Canadians that it's democratic for a coalition, with 0% of the votes in the last election, to take down a duly-elected government for selfish self-interests, if not a long-term raid on the public treasury? Answer bonus: How is 38% of the vote for the CPC in 2008 any different than 38% for the Liberals when Chretien won a majority?

  4. "Uniting the Left" by destroying the Liberal party or, alternatively, using a mole to create conditions to merge the Liberal party into a grand party of the Socialist Left (with the Greens folded in or neutered as an added bonus)?

  5. Enhancing the stature of the New Democratic Party, and its chief used-car salesman, Red Jack? Answer bonus: How does $50 billion in tax increases to all businesses in Canada (who employ us, BTW), less $30 billion in new free-for-all spending proposed by the coalition, for a net $20 billion in tax increases, amount to a "stimulus package"?

  6. Regaining control of the Golden Trough in Ottawa?

  7. Putting the government (CPC) on the ropes, and taking it down?

  8. Convincing Canadians that the Bloc/Separatistes are a fine bunch of fellows who wouldn't have effective control over the coalition? Or that it "wouldn't really cost too much to the Canadian taxpayer to keep the Bloc onside to ensure the survival of the coalition, year after year?

  9. Destroying the credibility and/or standing of Stephen Harper and his Conservatives in the public consciousness? Answer bonus: If the government is taken down in the end of January 09 and an election called, how many seats north of a majority will the CPC receive?

  10. How brilliant was it for Stephen Harper to use the $1.95 elimination and public service "share the pain of Canadians" announcement to smoke out the deep-running unholy coalition for all Canadians to see, smell, and reject whole-heartedly? Answer bonus: Should all the so-called pundits and "informed" columnists that declared this tactic to be a "gaffe/horrible mistake" be forced to publicly eat their words, or just be forced to resign from their publications? Grand answer bonus: How does Canada get the media off it's lazy, slanted butts and back into reporting News (not opinion or the latest party PR release), and delving into (for example) how this banana republic conspiracy happened?

  11. Extra Bonus Question: Is the coalition with its sordid collection of self-interests, e.g., trade and public sector unionists, child care advocacy groups, Kelowna handout addicts, climate change voodoo rip-off artists, soon-to-be-enriched carbon tax merchants, lobbyists, etc., well and truly dead now, or will this slimy, greedy bunch of parasites emerge from their holes again in another attempt to subvert democracy under the guise of "saving Canada"?

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