Dec 9, 2008


Less than two weeks into the Three Stooges circus show, instigators of the most traitorous act in Canadian political history appear to be slithering into their underground holes, hopefully for good, although that can't be certain.

If Bob Rae gives up on his leadership bid this afternoon, the battle for control of the Liberal party by the coalition, and for the party's ideological direction (if not survival) will be over. For the time being. Unfortunately, it is too late for the Green party. Or is it?

This slimy coalition did not mysteriously come together and climb out of its hole around December 1st. The genesis of the attempt to take over the government of Canada started much, much earlier. Not long after Paul Martin and his Liberals were defeated in the 2006 election, a secret meeting took place. The purpose of the meeting was simple and singular. How to remove the Conservatives from power at the earliest opportunity, before their brand and programs "contaminated" the minds of Canadians against tax-and-spend (your money) policies of the other parties.

After all, at stake were increased billions in funding for so-called social programs, all to be administered by more (unionized) civil servants, and delivered by the (unionized) public sector across Canada, and dispensed from the public purse by the ruling party. Adscam would be a drop in the bucket in comparison to this spending strategy.

Also at stake were untold billions to spend in pursuit of a newly created problem/myth, called Global Warming, now called Climate Change because it became apparent that the planet was cooling, not getting warmer. And who could argue with the concept of Climate Change? The climate is always changing. And funds for that boondoggle would almost exclusively flow to coalition-friendly environmentalists, lobbyists and the public sector too. In general, a ramp-up in social engineering and programs, with the taxpayer on the hook as usual. And don't forget Kelowna with its $5 billion pledge in (unaccountable) funds and other boondoggles. After all, it was reasoned, the Group's values are Canadian values! Sound familiar?

One of the issues discussed was the role that the Greens always played in siphoning off votes that were perceived as rightfully belonging to more mainstream left of centre parties. That small problem, it was decided, would be easy to address. The Greens would be the beneficiary of a gift from the group --- a new leader. And so it came to pass that a long time political activist and lobbyist, a former mover and shaker in the union-supported Think Twice (self-interest) coalition, became the new leader of the Green party. Her "anything but Harper" advice to Greens might have worked very well for the coalition in the 2008 election, but for that dratted media who kept questioning how a stance like that would help the Green Party. But I digress.

Primary discussion amongst the group was focused on how to coalesce the left wing parties into a single force to take down Harper and the Conservatives. One of the threads was along the lines that if the Liberals could move a bit to the left, and the NDP to the right ... towards each other, then the genesis of a solution could be found, since the Green party would move any direction it was told. Wouldn't it be nice, they mused, if a champion of this cause were to become leader of the Liberal party at the convention. Cue the inevitable mole-in-waiting, a 50-50 favourite --- good odds it was thought. Cut to the convention, where the unthinkable occurred. Dion was elected leader.

No matter. Within months of Dion assuming the throne, the group knew for sure that Dion controlled neither the party nor its direction, and never would. So the group laid the groundwork for taking down the leader and, as a by-product, severely crippling the Liberal brand. So much easier that way to accommodate assimilation, they chuckled. And so the Liberal party suffered its worst defeat since the 1800's. Everthing was going to plan, they marvelled. Even the Bloc had been brought onside, and was ready to join everyone at the soon-to-be golden trough of power and money.

Except Harper and his crew had been monitoring this conspiracy from afar. Deciding that it was time to unmask the cabal, Harper announced the government's intention to eliminate Elections Canada ($1.95/vote/year) funding of political parties and, for good measure, a few "share the pain" changes in public service salaries. And so the conspiracy was smoked out into public view, earlier than they had wanted, for they had intended to spring their takeover of government and the treasury of golden geese at the very last moment --- when Harper wouldn't have time to react.

The principals in this conspiracy weren't surprised at the vehement public reaction against the Three Stooges Coalition. That's why they had kept it running deep and silently for so long. After all, they reasoned, what could Canadians do when presented with a successful coup. Uprisings aren't in Canadian veins, they knew. Or hoped.

So, with Plan "A" (The Three Stooges) seemingly on the rocks, and with quick polls showing that an early election might not be a great idea from their point of view, the group put Plan "B" into effect. Lie, confuse the public, and sell the coalition. Concurrently, position a former (and disastrous) NDP premier as the greatest man on earth to lead the Liberal party out of its doldrums. Into the waiting jaws of the Borg. Resistance is futile --- you will be assimilated, with the active assistance of insiders.

And that is where this fairy tale pauses. And looks anxiously to how the Liberal Party extricates itself from this trap. For now is the time to barricade the doors and windows, and shut down the electricity that powers this conspiracy. Put differently, choose wisely who you select to lead you after Dion departs this week, and be sure that he or she is not part of the conspiracy.

It's strange that the media has not dug into the genesis of the coalition, and exposed its slimy characters and underpinnings. Shall we put this down to ever-increasing laziness of the mainstream media to wander far from receiving press releases from parties and candidates, rather than engaging in true investigative journalism? No wonder readership is declining at an alarming rate. No one trust the media any more to give them the true story, or value-added.

Oh, is that another press release/rumour/tidbit from the XYZ party in my in-basket? Let's see how I can put my own "analytical" stamp on this piece of BS, and release it as breaking news.

Moral of this fable? If you choose to sleep with a goat, at least one of you is going to be unhappy in the morning.

End of Fiction: Canadian Political Fables


C. R. Jones said...

Well said. I enjoyed your post to the "Nasty Post" today as well - Don Martin's comments were filled with enervating vitriol. I toil with my own humble opinions occasionally at

cheers, crj

burpnrun said...

@C.R,Jones: Yuppers, took a glance at it. Well written, though I profess I don't understand a word of it (grin).