Apr 4, 2011

CBC's "Voter Compass" Fiasco

The following is an e-mail that I sent to the CBC Ombudsman, via their input form at CBC site, 10:30pm, April 1, 2011. It says it all:
It is quite apparent that the Liberal party of Canada has misrepresented its positions on a variety of policies in this model. Other parties may also have inaccurate policy positioning in the model; I haven't checked.

For example, if all positions are completed as "I don't know" except daycare, and that is completed with a neutral rating, then the recommendation at the end is "Liberal".

The LPC has, since 1993, had daycare as a front-and-centre policy in their election platforms. Mr. Ignatieff just announced it as a key plank in his platform also, the other day. This can not be a "neutral" position by Liberals; it is most certainly an off-the-wall, full-support position.

Other Liberal positions in the model are also misrepresented or inaccurate, probably by design, to ensnare as many unsuspecting completees as possible.

My understanding is that the CBC's position is:

"CBC has defended the Vote Compass. A spokesperson for the CBC said they had nothing to do with the methodology."

The "Vote Compass" tool is being strenuously marketed by CBC as valuable and accurate during a national election. If it is not 100% certain that the model and inputs (along with the formulae and programming) is accurate, then this "tool" has no business being on the CBC's website. You can understand why, I'm sure.

If the CBC has not had the model and the party positions on policies audited by an independent and unbiased third party, then it is open to criticism that it is a party to potential election fraud.

I hesitate to make that charge, but failure of the CBC to pull this tool until there is 100% independent confirmation that it is accurate, would certainly change my mind swiftly.

Thank you.
If you feel the same way about the CBC's "tool" as I do, I would urge you to also register your concerns, and a call for independent third-party auditing of the tool, to the Ombudsman.

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