Apr 5, 2011

The "Shaft" is Back - The Liberal Red Book Fantasy

When you really look closely at the Liberals' 2011 Platform document, a.k.a. the Red Book, your can easily discern the core thrust of their planning. Seemingly something for everyone, especially Liberal friends. In reality, though, there's very little for taxpayers in their plan, but there is a huge, hidden, and uncosted set of social engineering thrusts that subsequently will bankrupt Canada.

The Fleece Merchants obviously consider Pierre Trudeau, who almost bankrupted Canada, to have been a piker. This time around, the Liberals will do a much better job of bankrupting Canada and extracting every last cent from our wallets.

Why do I say this? Let's take a quick look at where the money goes in the Liberal "balanced" (pigs will fly) "budget":

Note: "Rest" consists of Bureauracy (planning, consultations), Aboriginals, provinces, business, The Arts, etc.

Yes, less than half of the handouts go back to the people who foot the bill ... you and me. And, be careful. If you don't have money to "green renovate" your home, or don't have a kid in college, or you are not caring for elders in your home and whatnot, you aren't going to see a penny.

Traditional Liberal supporters and money holes like First Nations/Aboriginals/Metis, Artists and "free money" outlets (Council for Arts), the Civil Service and special (entitlement) interest groups are favoured in the Liberal income re-distribution scam.

And that's the good news. But there's more! By re-positioning far to the left of the NDP's platform, the Liberal Party has to cater to a host of new supporters, and welcome back all their old supporters, at a large cost to you and me. Examples include:
  • Federal Civil Service (think pay "equity", expanded bilingualism, merit awards, training, etc)

  • Food Inspectors (Yup, they haven't been overlooked either; more of them)

  • Postal Workers (more of them, just when you thought mail was toast)

  • Starving Artists and The Canada Council Free Money Distribution Network

  • Telcos (your friends at Bell, Rogers, etc) for non-competitive bidding on broadband expansion to farmers and Inuit.

  • Aboriginals (including Metis). What's in the budget is only a down payment of your wallet by the Liberals. The $5 billion Kelowna Handouts were only on "hold", taxpayers. Forget the money that's wasted each year already, folks, and obscene "salaries" of Chiefs ... you haven't seen anything yet!
But there's more! Just when you thought it was bad enough, the Liberals decided to screw over the taxpayer again, by "conveniently" omitting costs of more "Liberal Promises". Some REALLY big-ticket items that were mentioned in the Red Book to get votes, but forgotten when it came to putting a price tag on the whoppers include:
  1. Cap and Trade: Previously known as a Carbon Tax or Dion's Green Shaft, the amount of money washing though our wallets as a result of this bastard child of Kyoto was, according to one estimate in 2008, about $188 billion over six years. No wonder the Liberals avoided discussing any details of this penalty program for consumers, especially the cost to all consumers of heating oil and gas, gasoline and oil for our cars, electricity we use, and everyday products we purchase in stores each week. Bonus! We get to pay more GST/HST and Provincial Tax on the increased prices!

  2. Mandated Pay Equity: Easily in the $ billions per year. The last taxpayer pain for this "Liberal Freebie" was $3.5 billion in just backpayments. And that doesn't count the cost of the bureaucracy to create and manage the program(s). Just think of squaring up the pay of a pipefitter level III with a mail clerk level I. The bureaucracy cost alone should bankrupt the nation.

  3. Expand Postal Service: No details, but expect an annual ton of money for infrastructure and hiring a lot more postal workers ... to service declining volumes, and to deliver more junk mail at higher cost. It's $ billions, folks, each and every year.

  4. "Fix" Refugee/Immigration Problems: Having created the problem, and processing delays, by making Canada a Patsy for everyone else in the world, the Liberals now want a second crack at it. Our money, for their buying of the "ethnic vote" for future generations of good little Liberals.

  5. Next Generation Bilingualism: Sounds good, short on details, probably yearly $ billions from our wallets.

  6. Poverty Reduction: Always a winner, since the Liberals have promised this forever, and done nothing. As usual, more bureaucratic consultations with various parties. More $'s on bureaucratic "consultations", meetings with everyone; Air Canada should win big on this too.

  7. Rebalance Foreign Aid: Apart from mentioning Africa, this whopper is short on details. For example, if "rebalancing", who will be the "winners" and "losers"? Publishing that would be dangerous to Liberal electoral fortunes, so just assume Palestine and other hideouts for terrorists are favoured again, and the money in your wallet gets stolen to pay for this Liberal largesse.

  8. Cancel Jet Fighter Contracts: Last time the Liberals did something this stupid on the $5.8 billion Sea King Helicopter fiasco, it cost you and me $500 million, and pilots died in the old crates of junk they were expected to fly. Take a shot at estimating what the penalty will be on a $60 billion fighter jet deal. Yeah, billions and billions. No wonder the Liberals didn't include the costs!
But wait! There's more "Liberal Promises" to be funded from your wallet. Here are some more promises that they have made TO DATE on the campaign trail, that haven't been included in their costs:
  • High speed Windsor-QC train - $billions unaccounted for

  • Pro-Sports buildings across Canada - $billions to be spent by municipalities, provinces and the Liberals on building palaces for the business owners of profitable sports franchises, with those same businesses contributing little, if any, of their own money. This is a Triple Crown entry, folks, because we taxpayers cough up the money to three levels of government!

  • Montreal Bridge - billion dollars unaccounted for

  • Settle PQ HST Dispute - $2.2 billion dollars unaccounted for

  • "Pharmacare" - $?? billions to be given to provinces without accountability
And all this is just the visible part! That we know about from our TV screens at night, or their Red Book. Considering that the Liberals are moving far left to do their new and improved "Pierre Trudeau Bankruptcy Act", there's no limit to their designs on whatever's left in our wallets to feed and care for their core group of voters.

What about if they get in power? Well, they aren't talking about that. Because history shows that the first thing they do is to throw away the Red Book (it worked, no nore use), ignore most of their campaign promises, and start planning on how much money they can really spend. Their first point of reference is probably the GDP of Canada!

The second thing they will do is drastically cut our Armed Forces budget. That will be followed by cutting transfer payments to the provinces, and equalization grants. Because the Liberals will need hundreds of billions of dollars to re-engineer Canada into the Liberal Nanny State, and that's going to take big budget cuts.

Don't believe me? They did it in starting when they got into power in 1993, disregarding everything they had put into their Red Book of Lies ... the "platform" that enabled them to get elected. They'll do it again. After all, they are only "Liberal Promises".

Of course, their Ponzi Scheme will eventually fall apart when there's no money left in taxpayers' pockets to fleece, but that will be a problem that the Liberal will leave to another government to solve. After all, fleecing is such hard work, and one must take a rest break some time.

The SHAFT is back. Big time. Why isn't the media covering this? Tell them!


Clown Party said...

Thank you ... I think ALL Canadians should read this. I'm going to post this link on many sites ... Canadiand should know the burden tax-payers will be under.

burpnrun said...

Thanks ... the DeathStar 2011 travesty needs to be communicated to all Canadians.

Sean M said...

"Next Generation Bilingualism"... Holy shit, you can just see the money disappearing, completely unaccountable of course. Trudeauvian social engineering at it's ugliest.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, all of those things and the way you describe them makes me excited and proud. Canadians investing in their own people. These types of programs will expand the middle class and offset the destruction of it that has happened so far under the Harper Government.

Vote Liberal everyone, they believe in a Canada we can be proud of.

Jen said...

How much is the media going to get from the liberals. From the looks of it they expect their dough for no work.

When the liberals raised taxes at the time when canada was booming their excuse for this is " the reason why we have to raise taxes is because Mulronrey left us with a deficit."
Ignatieff repeat the same :' First when in government we have to kill this massive deficit" whivh the liberals ndp and bloc forced the government into taking or else....you know the rest.