Apr 2, 2011

Election '11: Possible Upcoming Political Strategy Highlights

It's always fun to muse and fantasize about political futures, so her goes my shot at it.

The Dreaded Coalition: Is Stephen Harper saving his "Coup de grace" for the English debate night? How about this line, to Ignatieff: "Has the Liberal Party terminated the current Coalition Accord which is still in effect until June 30, 2011"?

Yes, folks, that Accord is still alive. Worse, for the Liberals, there's no way to cancel it and, even if Ignatieff would want to, do you think Jack Layton would let him off this hook? Not likely.

Lower Churchill Falls Support: So far Ignatieff and Layton have been mysteriously silent on their support for this Nfld/Lab project, unlike the Conservatives who have committed to loan guarantees, whatever the Quebec risk. This is because the two odd men have designs on keeping (Ignatieff and Layton) or gaining (Layton) seats in Quebec. Given the Quebec firestorm of "outrage" against this project that resulted from the Conservative announcement, it's no wonder Ignatieff and Layton have laid low. Will the weasels be smoked out, and put their current Quebec seats (and future gains) at risk? Stay tuned.

By the way, ignore local Liberal candidates in Nfld/Lab saying, "Of course we will too". If a Liberal Party "promise" is worth nothing, what do you think a local Liberal candidate's "promise" is worth, without official party/leader blessing?

Quebec GST Implementation Payoff: The Tories have said they will continue to negotiate with Quebec on this subject if they form government. The Liberals and the NDP have been silent.

Could it be that the rest of Canada knows Harper and the Conservatives will be tough, but the Liberals (especially in a coalition with the NDP and Bloc) will be patsies and "give away the farm" if they form a government? You bet! The two parties will be silent on this as long as they can, with their local candidates in Quebec "promising" the best possible outcome, of course. The art of Sucking and Blowing at the same time, at its finest.

The Liberal Platform: Due to be released this weekend, as a desperate attempt to keep the "buzz" going for Ignatieff, the Conservatives and the NDP will consequently have lots of time to analyze the tortured financial logic and cost of the Liberal programs/platform. Predictably each party will insist that its figures are the only "right" ones. Especially Goodale, who can be counted on to insist that "everything is fully costed". Pull the other leg, Ralphie!

Regardless, Canadians will be left with a reinforced impression that there's something just a little too sharp/shady in those Liberal figures ... if their opponents are successful in shaping the dialogue. Will the media begin to lose interest in the Liberal campaign and future "promises" up to voting day, because all will have been revealed in the platform and costing documents? Time will tell.

The Boredom Factor: Will the sounds of the electorate's snoring stay the same, or get louder? The Conservatives obviously benefit from increased sound levels, but the Liberals and NDP want the electorate to wake up. Especially Ignatieff, so that the electorate can get "more familiar" with him, as his party and media friends ardently hope.

Frankly, I think that Ignatieff and crew have blown their load, unless they have a surprise for us. Their "quick hit" strategy, to reverse the negative image foisted upon Ignatieff by a year of Conservative advertisements, has failed ... it shows in the polls. Expect more of the "Harper can't be trusted" (ho-hum), "In contempt of Parliament" (double ho-hum), "Harper's butcher's wife's sister-in-law's third cousin is a crook" (yawn) stuff from the Red Star, the Groan and Moan, and Liberal press releases. Is there anything more than this, after setting aside one week for gushing appreciation of the Liberal platform that we will see in the media?

So, is it possible that we have seen the 2011 campaign already, in its entirety, and that the remaining weeks of boredom are a penalty to the electorate for allowing the Coalition of Idiots to force an unnecessary election upon us?

I sure hope that Jack or Iggy have some juicy scandals that they are holding back, because it's possibly going to be very barren for the next 4 weeks.

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