Apr 18, 2011

Great Moment in Liberal Attack Ads

Hi, fellow Canadians.

Since Ignatieff's Liberals have stomped on their own crank again in an attack ad, attributing a quote by someone else to Stephen Harper, I thought I'd bring back a great moment of a previous Liberal campaign. The 2006 federal election.

First up, absolutely a Liberal classic, if not "The" Liberal Classic. The one that got them laughed out of the election, and into Opposition status. Sorry for the quality.

So pathetic, desperate and laughable was this attack ad that Rick Mercer parodied the spot in one of his programs, turning the theme to, "Stephen Harper is a nice guy ... we are not allowed to make this up ..."..

After Paul Martin's crushing defeat in that election, we were then treated to a wonderful parody by Rick Mercer and Shirley Douglas, on RMR:

In what must be a "Kodak Moment" in this parody, wait for the Michael Ignatieff reference. Remember, this was 2006!

Enjoy. I know that these Great Moments will bring back tears and/or smiles, depending on your political leanings!

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