Apr 26, 2011

He Sold Us Out, Canada

There is no promise that Layton will not make, or no part of Canada he will not sell out, to get another vote for his socialist party.

First he promised to re-open constitutional talks with Quebec. Jack knows full well that Meech Lake just about blew up the nation. He also knows that we have economic uncertainty to conquer right now, need more jobs and the world's economy is very fragile indeed. He also knows that the rest of Canada has no appetite, politically or economically, for undertaking such "negotiations". Yet he made the commitment in the French language debate, consciously and selfishly, with an eye only on "that next vote he could garner", not the well-being of Canada.

Now the rest of Canada has told him what they think of his double-dealing, vote-grubbing ploy. So he's backtracking. And, in doing so, he risks leaving this divisive issue for Canada on the table, and Quebecers disillusioned by his shallow ploy for more votes. Thanks, Jack. You are such a self-centred greedy little piss-ant, aren't you?

In that same French debate he also agreed with the Bloc that Canada's official Bilingualism Act should be subjugated to Quebec's Bill 101, in Quebec. Once again, he sold out the rest of Canada to get that "next vote". Of course, that sort of policy plays into the Bloc's cards, and leaves Canadians wondering why they should have bilingualism if Quebec isn't required in federal jurisdictions to have English as a possible primary language.

Nicely done, Jack. Once more you have set in motion one of the most divisive issues in Canada. All in the name of your selfish grab for that "next Quebecer's vote". You really are a piece of work, aren't you?

Finally, you have probably set back Quebec - ROC relations by 10 years, when all these Quebec NDP converts come to realize you were either lying to them ... or Canadians realize that you have been lying through your teeth to them for these many years.

Well done, you shallow little man. Double-faced, double-speaking, and vote-grubbing little man!

Now you know why Jack only said what he did in the French language debate. What a little piss-ant!