Apr 4, 2011

An Ignatieff Moment, Part 2: Communication and Decision-Making

I don't generally have much time for what Jane (Giggles) Taber of the Globe and Mail writes, but this piece provides so much fodder for Canadians to munch on this election, that I couldn't pass it up.

Iggy was asked whether he and his party would follow Harper's lead and announce firm support for Newfoundland and Labrador's cherished Lower Churchill Falls project. Do the following quotes look like leadership and decision-making, or do they look like waffling and avoiding a tough decision at any cost:
A federal government, he said, needs to “sit down with the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the province of Quebec. ... Let’s think about this medium and long-term.”
Note to Iggy: Those talks have taken place. They've been going on 34+ years already, about the same time that you were out of Canada!
“But for heavens sake if we don’t sit in a room pretty soon we are going to be suboptimal as a country when we could be a superpower.”
Note to Iggy: Yeah. Sure. Whatever.
The Liberal Leader suggested finding a way to “wheel this power through Quebec” and said that Canadians have to start “thinking big” on energy or risk having highly segmented markets that don’t speak to one another ...
Note to Iggy: See my first note.
“The Harper government has spent five years doing nothing on green energy,” the Liberal Leader charged. “Suddenly, he is becoming the big champion of green energy. Where has he been for five years?”
Question to Iggy: Where were the Liberals for the past 18 years, since 1993?

I guess the reporters must have completed all their eye-rolling exercises by this point, because Taber ends her account of Iggy's decision-making (and superior communication) skills.

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