Apr 15, 2011

Ignatieff's "Democratic Priorities"

Jack Layton's famous "silver stake through Ignatieff's heart/campaign" zinger in the English language Debate, April 12th:
"You know, most Canadians, if they don't show up for work, they don't get a promotion,"
To pound the stake deeper through Iggy's pious and false "democracy-pulsing" heart, the NDP quickly released a mini-advert about Ignatieff's dismal voting record:

Voting Attendance (NDP Advert)
  • Layton: 94%
  • Harper: 58%
  • Ignatieff: 30%
It took two days, but Ignatieff finally got his "public story/spin" instructions sorted out and sallied forth to flog this Whopper to Canadians:
"I've got responsibilities in Parliament and I've got responsibilities outside that take the message and engage Canadians," he said. "If you're doing more than 40 open mike town halls across the country and doing 70,000 kilometres on a bus, what you're saying is democracy is important in Parliament, but it's also important in getting out to the people."
What . A . Crock

Look, Iggy. The Prime Minister has a real job, perhaps 100 times more demanding and punishing than yours. He's frequently out of Canada representing our nation. He's dealing with real, serious business of our nation all the time. And, finding time to carry the Conservative flag to Canadians. Like you carry the Liberal banner.

And, yet, he managed to be in the House to vote nearly 60% of the time. Double yours.

If Iggy can't find the time to vote for Canada, why should Canada vote for him?

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