Apr 24, 2011

Ignatieff's Media Co-Conspirators

Courtesy of Saskatchewan-based blogger Kate McMillan at "Small Dead Animals" comes this alternate reality news item about Michael Ignatieff at a hockey game yeasterday. Amazingly, his attendance was apparently not in the same time dimension as Canada's mainstream media, including the Canadian Press which is a news gathering organization jointly owned by the Globe & Mail, TorStar (Toronto Star) and LaPresse.

I wonder how much over-the-top coverage the G&M, Star, CBC and CTV would have devoted to the story if we changed the name to Stephen Harper?

Starting off, from a Reader at SDA:
"He attended an Ontario Hockey league play-off game in Mississauga, Ontario tonight, there were about 4000 fans from Niagara and Mississauga present in the arena. He was introduced to the fans, waved, bowed etc. and was booed by the whole crowd for over two minutes. We are not sure how long he stayed at the game afterwards. Mississauga according to the media is supposed to be a Liberal stronghold !!!".
From Open Ice Hockey reporter Nathan Dearing:
"@Dearing_OIH Nathan Dearing
Michael Ignatieff at the Majors/ice dogs game, receiving a serious boo from the Mississuga crowd
9 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® "
Confirmation from the V.P. Marketing of the Mississauga St. Mike's Majors:
"@RickRadovski Rick Radovski
4000 people booed #Ignatief at the #Majors game tonight while #Mississauga Mayor#HazelMcCallion got a huge ovation. She should run Canada
7 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®"
UPDATE: Apparently Sun TV News is now reporting the story, including video.

Updater: Decision Canada has more, including the Liberal Team's spin on the PR disaster. Still nothing from the MSM, of course.

FINAL UPDATE: At last, it hits as video story on SunTV News. Also reports of some mention on CBC and CTV. I guess that after SunTV blew them out of the water on the scoop, they couldn't protect their favourite son any more.

Original Canadian Press story. No Liberal leader reported in attendance, nothing out of the ordinary:
Shugg scores in overtime as Majors down IceDogs 3-2; Mississauga leads series 2-1
(The Canadian Press) – 6 hours ago
MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Justin Shugg shook off a playoff scoring drought at the best possible time.
"I've been in a bit of a slump," said the 19-year-old native of Niagara Falls, Ont., moments after he scored in overtime Saturday night to give the Mississauga St. Michael's Majors a 3-2 victory over the Niagara IceDogs.
The goal was Shugg's fifth of the playoffs but his first since Game 3 of the conference semifinals against the Sudbury Wolves.
Mississauga now has a 2-1 edge in its best-of-seven Ontario Hockey League Eastern Conference final playoff series with Game 4 scheduled for Monday night in St. Catharines, Ont.
"Christmas came early," said Shugg, whose birthday is on Dec. 24. "I've been working on just playing straight hockey, going into the trenches and things like that ... The emotion after scoring a goal like that is incredible."
Mississauga captain Casey Cizikas started the play that led to Shugg's game winner. Cizikas broke into the Niagara zone from the right side, cut toward the IceDogs net and got off a weak, fade-away shot at goaltender Mark Visentin. But the rebound squirted right onto Shugg's stick. He was all alone, staring at a wide-open net, and made no mistake.
"Nobody picked me up so they (Niagara) must have had a breakdown and it led to the goal," said Shugg, acquired by the Majors last September in a trade with the Windsor Spitfires.
It was a heart-breaking loss for the IceDogs, who had built up a 2-0 lead by the midway point of the second period on goals by Alex Friesen and Dougie Hamilton.
Maxim Kitsyn started the Mississauga comeback with a power-play goal with two minutes remaining in the middle frame and Rob Flick tied the game when he scored from a scramble in front of Visentin with five minutes to go in the third.
"I thought we got off to a real good start but then we became tentative," said Mississauga general manager/coach Dave Cameron. "You practice all situations but you can't practice pressure or adversity."
The turning point for the Majors may well have come at the start of the third period when they killed off a minor penalty to Devante Smith-Pelly. The IceDogs didn't have a single shot at Mississauga goalie J.P. Anderson during that power play, and they only had 24 shots at the St. Mike's net for the entire game.
"If they score there, they probably win the game," said Cameron. "So there was a sense of urgency on our part. There are always ebbs and flows in a game and you have to play through it."
"It's a tough loss," said Visentin, who was spectacular in turning back 42 of 45 shots on the night. "We'll go over what we did wrong here and come back even harder in the next game."
"We had chances but we didn't generate enough in the third period," said Niagara coach Marty Williamson.
"Momentum is a funny thing," continued Williamson. "It starts to go against you and then you're on your heels."
After Monday night's game, the series returns to Mississauga for Game 5 on Tuesday night.
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No other accounts of Ignatieff's "love in" with Mississauga and Niagara voters could be found by googling at time of writing this post.

Postscript: It wasn't until 12:14 pm on Sunday, nearly 4 hours after SunTV News first billboarded the news item, that the CBC finally ran a soft, short, detail-less, three paragraph "story" on the news item. Clearly, with SunTV News having acquired the incriminating footage, it became impossible for the CBC to protect Ignatieff. Thank goodness SunTV is now on the channel listings, to keep CBC/CTV/Global (more) honest and on their toes.


Anonymous said...


Because SUN NEWS sure saw him there and I don't thin SUN NEWS is pro-Ignatieff, eh?


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