Apr 3, 2011

Ignatieff's Platform Like Other "Liberal Promises" - Unbelievable!

I've just had a quick look at the 2011 version of the Liberal's "Red Book" of broken promises infamy, and here are some topline take-aways so far:
  • Biggest Redistribution of your Hard-Earned Tax Dollars Since Pierre Trudeau

  • Much Higher Deficits, By Far, Compared to Conservatives

  • No Set Date for Return to Balanced Budgets ("verbal assurances", though)

  • New Tax Increases

  • More Spending on Unaccountable "Social Programs"

  • $30 Billion Military Spending Cut (remember the Sea King Helicopter fiasco?)

  • Dion's "Green Shaft" Plan Returns (a.k.a. "Cap & Trade")

  • Higher Energy Prices for ALL OF US (heating fuel, car gas, electricity, etc., from Cap & Trade)

  • Funny Money Accounting (over-estimates $700 million in revenue immediately, for starts)

  • Prudence (Fiscal) Reserve of $1.5 Billion is Same as Conservatives (Yawn, no big deal)

  • Job Killer (Increase in Business Tax Rate kills 200,000 jobs, $50 billion future revenue)

  • Still Soft on Crime (cancel new, needed Prison Construction; even Provinces want!)

  • Not Clear Which CPC Individual/Family Tax Breaks Are Cancelled

  • $5 Billion Kelowna Native Agreement - Part II ($115M/y1 > $415M/y2 > $?? Bil/y3+ of your money)

  • Merely words about "Healthcare" (but stay tuned on future mega $'s)

  • Huge Pile of Liberal "Promises" Not Included in Costs:
High speed Windsor-QC train - $billions unaccounted for
Pro-Sports buildings across Canada - $billions unaccounted for
Montreal Bridge - billion dollars unaccounted for
Settle PQ HST Dispute - $2.2 billion dollars unaccounted for
"Pharmacare" - $?? billions to be given to provinces without accountability

So, the bottom line is:
  • No job creation measures like CPC (in fact, the LPC kills jobs)
  • Sacrifice Canada's long-term prosperity and growth, just to get elected
  • Shady Accounting, a Deficit Forever, More and More Money to Pay Interest on Debt/Deficits
  • Soft on Crime, Again
  • Dion's "Green Shaft" is Back Again
Trudeau's Tax and Spend Era is back again, big-time

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