Apr 7, 2011

Let Us Give Thanks to the Green Party

The Greens released their 2011 platform today. Two Great Things about it:
  1. We now have new definitions for "fringe party", "dingbats", "height of insanity", and "sucking and blowing at the same time":

    The Greens propose to legalize and tax Marijuana. This will produce tax revenues of $2.5 billion over three years, they say. At the same time, though, they will have a program to "discourage marijuana use (similar to anti-tobacco)", at a cost of $43 million/year.

  2. We now have a proxy for the cost of the Liberals' "Cap & Trade" (Dion's Green Shaft/Carbon Tax) program contained within the Ignatieff Liberals' 2011 "DeathStar" platform (Little Red Book of Falsehoods):

    The Greens will implement a Carbon Tax and expect to collect $33 - $34 billion/year from it.
Isn't it strange that the Liberals are going to implement a Carbon Tax too, but provided no details as to tax revenues or costs? Surely they aren't going to try the "Revenue Neutral" crapola on us again, are they? No wonder they (and the Globe/Star/CBC/CTV Newsnet) have been mum about this Green Shaft, 2011 version.

So it is good to have the Greens around. For humour, and to provide a figure that the Liberals should have put into their "fully-costed" budget!

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