Apr 24, 2011

Our National Media is a Disgrace

Last night Ignatieff got booed out of a Mississauga hockey arena at commencement of a Junior "A" playoff game.

The next morning, not a mention of this rather interesting occurrence could be found in the mainstream media (MSM). Even the Canada Press account of the game omitted the fact that any politician was at the game, let alone that booing took place. How peculiar.

But by 9:00 am, SunTV News had the incident trailing across their news ticker. Shortly afterwards, a news item appeared in their broadcast. And, finally, by 11:00 am or so, we were able to see and hear the booing from videotape that SunTV News had obtained.

By all accounts, the booing was sustained anywhere from two to four minutes. Not a minor event during a campaign, in other words. Made all the more strange that the MSM had found it possible to constantly hype stories and videotape of nefarious CPC supporters drowning out alleged "neutral, unbiased, UN-sanctioned, NOT!" questions of reporters at a CPC rally. They did so after Harper had calmly, succinctly, and completely answered a triple-barreled, pre-loaded question by a CBC reporter well known for having a hate-on of anything CPC. The crowd was that pleased and proud after the response. But no, twist and turn the headline such that it became a negative (against free speech) for the CPC.

But to return to the hockey game booing of Ignatieff. It was not until 12:14 pm that the CBC decided that it could not shield Ignatieff any more from the truth. Even then, their response was to write a short, 3-paragraph fluff-piece about the game, casually mentioning that, yes, by golly, there might have been something like booing, but not necessarily booing, going on. As at 2:00 pm I still couldn't find anything on CTV but, then again, they are masters at burying unfavourable news items, as is the CBC.

The Globe and Mail, as of 2:30 pm was still merrily presenting its "Tory crowd drowns out question" major news item, head for the hills, the CPC is coming. The Toronto Star was, of course, still running their "Another bump in the road for Harper and the media" major news item, gush, gush, on their variation of the Liberal newsletter titled, "Tory crowd drowns out question". But no mention of this massive booing of Ignatieff at the Mississauga hockey rink.

Perhaps the Star doesn't have a news bureau in that foreign country; after all, even Ignatieff lives in mid-town Toronto rather than in Etobicoke-Lakeshore riding that he supposedly represents. And that riding is, well, how to put it delicately, right up alongside Mississauga ... generally acknowledged to be the beginning of those dreaded suburbs. You know, something like Siberia, but with those awful things they call Tim Horton's?

So there we have it. SunTV News scooping CBC and CTV on a major news item by a considerable number of hours. Forcing CBC to run something, however inadequate, on the incident. Nothing yet in the Globe or Star. We all know why, don't we? If you aren't clued in yet, perhaps this will help.

Yet Canadians are forced to pay for CBC, CTV and Global "cleansed" news and programming on their TVs because each of them is designated by the CRTC as a "must-carry" channel. Yet SunTV was specifically denied a "must-carry" license. Why is this?

The Liberal biased intelligencia of this nation, who have gladly assigned the word "Progressive" to their way of thinking, love the way that CBC, CTV and Global echo their views. GroupThink at its best. And if you scratch a "progressive" in any way, you will find that this word they use to describe themselves is a codename for "a bigot who is intolerant of any other viewpoint than their own".

Thus all the hue and cry, when SunTV was requesting a license, that it was no more than "Fox News North", or "an extremist rightwinged channel" or, heavens's forbid, a channel with different views than mainstream Canada, a.k.a. "progressives". Their application should be denied. Approval would mean the destruction of Canada, maybe North America, perhaps the world ... maybe even the universe! Margaret Atwood, the chief crone and supposedly a worthwhile scribe of the "progressive" nation of Canadians (all of whom live in downtown Toronto, it seems), even proclaimed her over-the-top hysterical "concerns" in this Globe and Mail Apocalypse Warning.

Forgotten in all their concerns were, of course, a few Inconvenient Truths. Fox TV was already being carried on Canadian TV channels, as was Al Jazeera Network who certainly couldn't be described as "progressive". Multiculturalism is here, Ms. Atwood and like-minded GroupThinkers should realize and, besides, the Canadian constitution contains a few pesky words about freedom of speech. This obviously did not deter the "progressives', now bent our of shape and purple-faced, from demanding that this application of SunTV be dispatched forthwith to the Hinterlands, possibly even Mississauga even, without further consideration.

It's amazing, then, that SunTV even got on the air considering there was a good chance that the universe would cease to exist as we knew it.

If there is a point I'm making, it is that a news network such as SunTV in Canada should be on the same footing as the CBC, CTV and Global networks. If they are "must-carry", so must be SunTV. Else, CBC, CTV and Global should be removed from the "must-carry" list immediately by the CRTC. Anything else would only reaffirm to all Canadians that the GroupThink controllers, the "progressives", are the only view of Canada and its affairs that are permitted by this nation.

And that is intolerable, as well as being indefensible.

Downtown Toronto is NOT the centre of the universe. Nor should the headquarters of the very few "progressives" in this Toronto enclave be located alternately between CBC Toronto offices and the Liberal party of Canada offices ... changing locations at regular intervals to the cadence of Liberal party leadership conventions.

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BONUS: To illustrate groupthink support for a particular party (guess which one), I copied down the political headlines displayed at the Globe & Mail's website at about 2:00 pm, April 20, 2011:
  • Minority or not, Harper sees no point in compromise (Slant: a Coalition is good for you!)
  • Harper has no choice but ‘to put water in his wine,’ Ignatieff says (Slant: repeats pro-Liberal talking point)
  • Harper’s coalition dog won’t hunt (Slant: hide the "Coalition" word, quick!)
  • Faring well from B.C. to Ontario, Harper faces ‘fault line’ in Quebec (Slant: no one's voting CPC east of Ontario)
  • Jean Chr├ętien offers the Queen an election update (Slant: gratuitous puff-piece for the Liberals)
  • Ken Dryden's campaign going down to the final buzzer (Slant: Dryden in tight race, but Liberals will prevail)
  • Layton blames Harper for Ontario factory shutdowns (Slant: normal stuff, displacing any room for a pro-CPC story)
  • Harper defends spokesman accused of meddling in port appointment (Slant: third day of fragging out a anti-CPC story)
  • Why everyone – including the Bloc – will join the NDP pile-on (Slant: Liberals will prosper at the polls ... before "orange wave" happened!)
  • Ignatieff’s honesty, Harper’s spokesman and anti-Layton bombast (Slant: retreading pro-liberal articles for day 8)
  • A failure to communicate leadership vision (Slant: run of the mill anti-CPC rant)
  • Election 2011, a dark fiction (Slant: Margaret Atwood's apocalyptic screed against the CPC)
  • Ontario demands more immigration powers to compete with Manitoba, Quebec, BC (Slant: Dalton McGuinty tries to help Ignatieff)
  • Harper renews plea for majority as Ignatieff lays out minority scenario (Slant: Coalition is good, tasty)
  • Canadians still divided over prospect of Harper majority (Slant: Totally invented "warning" against CPC)
  • Will Harper resign if defeated? He ‘won’t take the bite on that one’ (Slant: defeat CPC to get rid of Harper)
  • Will hockey-loving Quebecers send Tories to the penalty box? (Slant: uses playoffs to invent issue against CPC)
  • A pointed reminder health care is a real issue in this election (Slant: regurgitation of Liberal talking point, again)
  • Ignatieff should play the G20 card (Slant: Globe's advice, which is why they aren't in politics!)
  • Liberals decide to go backwards (Slant: actually a half-decent article)
  • Electoral landscape shifts in Edmonton-Strathcona and Nunavut (Slant: look here, the north now hates the CPC)
  • NDP vows are spoken to be broken (Slant: The Globe's own crystal ball talking, no facts or truth)
  • Elizabeth May should have been heard (Slant: the debates are long over, you clots!)
  • This campaign’s about plodders, not prophets (Slant: fairly neutral)
  • Here’s the right way to reform health care (Slant: and only the Liberals would do it! Sure.)
  • Jeffrey Simpson on the NDP platform, (Slant: a hatchet job; too bad he didn't say the same about the Liberals)
  • A Canada-U.S. tax gap means a Canada-U.S. tax transfer (Slant: if you can't confuse them with twisted logic, use BS instead)
  • Ministers intervened after Harper spokesman lobbied port authority (Slant: one reminder above is inadequate; let's repeat)
  • Layton’s leadership edge on Ignatieff will be hard to lose, pollster says (Slant: the understatement of the year)
  • Ignatieff assails Tory no-shows – but admits he’ll miss local debate (Slant: OK)
  • With Ignatieff ‘in the mud,’ Harper sheds support in Quebec and B.C. (Slant: a masterpiece of Globe fiction)
  • Tory strategy seeks to stoke Canadians’ true patriot love (Slant: The Liberals are better, whatever)
  • Delighted with polls, Layton frets over ‘fires of discord’ on unity (Slant: even Layton is vulnerable)
  • Layton takes aim at Ignatieff – but Grit Leader won’t return fire (Slant: wait, the Liberals will come back with Super Response)
  • Liberal and NDP gains dampen Tory hopes for majority three weeks in (Slant: see ... we told you the CPC was sinking!)
  • Anti-Harper ads raise stakes as Liberals try to ‘shake up’ electorate (Slant: free publicity for Liberals)
  • Ignatieff distances himself from separatist scare talk (Slant: ignore Iggy's flipping and flopping, PLEASE!)
  • ‘Price was right’ for Liberals to advertise on Sun News debut (Slant: just ignore that Libs needed desperately to counterbalance SunTV)
  • In Dispute Anti-Harper attack ads raise stakes as Liberals try to ‘shake up’ electorate (Slant: don't take it as desperation, folks!)
  • ‘They dish it but they can’t take it,’ Ignatieff says of Harper misquote (Slant: tries to justify Liberal lie in ad)
  • Debate gives Duceppe a lift, but will Quebecers respond? (Slant: CPC Quebec seats in danger)
  • NDP gains on Bloc turf add tension to Duceppe-Layton rivalry (Slant: obligatory filler piece to provide "balance)
  • Bloc’s grip on Quebec puts province on the outside looking in (Slant: vote Liberal to ease Quebecers' pain)
  • Want a coalition scenario? Try Duceppe as PM (Slant: trying to ridicule CPC's successful Coalition warnings)
  • Are federalists chipping away at the Bloc, or each other? (Slant: Lib poll tanking is just transitory)
  • Harper woos Quebecers with pledge to move key federal agency (Slant: CPC will stoop to anything to woo Quebecers. Swine!)
  • Canada should woo East Asia, a new economic frontier (Slant: Liberal puff piece, ignoring fact CPC doing this for past 5 years)
  • CIDA: a broken agency that needs to be overhauled (Slant: CPC all wrong, not aligned to Libs platform)
  • Marijuana should not be criminalized (Slant: pure Globe viewpoint slam against CPC)
  • Leaders' debate left Canadians in search of passion (Slant: don't worry, Iggy will galvanize voters real soon)
  • The G8 facts must speak, immediately (Slant: yes, these will help the sinking Libs immensely in the campaign)
  • This niche election promise is a very good idea (Slant: reminder that CPC's promises are to niches, not like Liberals')

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I say scrap the intolerable CRTC. Sunnews needs to be on an equal footing with the lefty networks.