Apr 23, 2011

The Real Co-Conspirators Behind The 2011 Coup

The following is my view, and my view alone, of this travesty to Canadian democracy.

NOTE: See "update" section at bottom of this post; critical information.

The common cry from vested interests in this 2011 election is that "It's all about Democracy!". That may be true, but what they aren't telling you is that it isn't about YOUR democracy, or MY democracy. Rather, it's all about THEIR democracy. Specifically, the entitlement of the unions, special interest groups, and piglet-interests at the public teat. Protecting that teat for themselves. At all costs. Including subverting real democracy.

This election's coup has its origins in the 2006 election, if not before, when Paul Martin's Liberals were facing defeat at the hands of the Conservatives. All sorts of special interest groups sprang up, easily typified by the Think Twice Coalition; clink on the link to get an understanding of the breadth of their supporters at that time (it's grown much more since then), and note that it was a part of or sponsored by the "Council of Canadians".

Note the membership of the Canadian Auto Workers, Elizabeth May (then head of Sierra Club Canada, the environmental lobby group), Council of Canadians (Maude Barlow) and others. There were other self-interest lobby groups pumping out their self-serving "messages" during that election. But this will give you an idea of the extent to which special-interest groups were concerned that their access to the public teat might be curtailed if the Harper Conservatives were elected.

But all this "support" for Paul Martin, including his wearing of a CAW leather jacket presented by Buzz Hargrove, was not enough to prevent the Conservatives from being elected. Not to worry; his supporters never went away. They just went underground, schemed some more, and grew their membership.

Along came the 2008 election. Once more they became active, particularly the CAW who targeted 40 + 26 ridings, principally recommending Liberal candidates, but also NDP, Green and "ABC" candidates. The "ABC" in their table means any candidate, including communist if it comes to that, who can defeat the Conservatives. Well, we all know how that worked out, and how the Liberals, NDP and Bloc tried to seize power in a coup in December 2008, using the infamous Coalition of the Three Stooges. This accord does not expire until June 30, 2011, BTW.

It is my personal belief that one or more elements of these "Public Trough Supporters", aided by one or more political parties (Lib, NDP, Bloc), morphed their strategy after the 2006 election into a "coup strategy", i.e., bring down a duly-elected Conservative government under any circumstances, and replace it with a Coalition, to achieve their pubic-teat objectives. I further believe that Jack Layton himself (at a minimum) was on the frontline of this scheming. I base this view on the audio recording/transcript of a NDP caucus teleconference that embarrassingly came to light about the same time as the 2008 Coalition slithered out from beneath its rock. The audio link is at the top of the page on that link. Listen, and find out how long this had been going on, and who their co-conspirators were/are.

If it were not for the inclusion of Gilles Duceppe in the mug shot photo of the Three Stooges Coalition, the release of this highly-damaging audio tape of the conference call, and (modest) outcry of the electorate, this treacherous coalition would have succeeded. I really hope you will listen to the audio recording of Jack telling the NDP caucus all the setup work he had done beforehand to enable this coalition, or at least read the transcript. Both record an extensive list of the coalition's friends including, this time in the open, the "Aboriginals" who were still looking to make up the $5 billion of taxpayer (yours and mine) money that Paul Martin had promised them via a "Kelowna Accord" promise in the 2006 election!

So they nearly pulled it off. But, like the good plotters that they are, I believe that they merely submerged again, regrouped and cast another strategy -- grander and more inclusive. First, it was necessary for them to put some space/time from that dreaded "Coalition" word. Secondly, it would be necessary to co-opt all elements of the media, and other like-minded unions that they could. And, third, they needed to pull the plug and initiate execution of their Grand Plan on their timing and issue, not the Conservatives'. And that timing was now, and the phony issue was "Contempt of Parliament". Kind of ironic, eh?

Giving some sense of urgency to their efforts were the beginnings of anti-union actions taking place in, for example, Wisconsin in the USA. That battle, the poster-child for all "save our entitlements" union actions, reflected a growing anger amongst ordinary Americans that pubic service unions (teachers, civil servants, firefighters, police, politicians, etc.) had vastly larger salaries, pensions and benefits than the average Joe/Jill taxpayer. And that these entitlements are essentially at the root of bankrupting many municipalities and states, many more to come in the next few years. Unfunded liabilities of these entitlements amount into trillions of dollars. Not only the US federal government is bankrupt, folks.

Another sign I see of this hijacking of the political will of the people is the announcement of a major Teachers' Union in Ontario that they are setting up a $3 million fund for "education" purposes in the upcoming Ontario election in October. Their friends the Dalton McGuinty Liberals (moneybags) are going to be facing a revolt of Ontarians, and obviously these voters might require some "education". Third-party lobbying is forbidden, of course, thus the "education" effort.

I believe that the harbingers of push-back by taxpayers in the USA intensified the zeal of Public Trough Supporters in Canada to replace the Conservative government as quickly as possible, and replace it with more union friendly (loving) political parties. The Liberals, being the official opposition in parliament, were the most obvious target of their affections. But it's possible that there has been some form of "kiss and make-up" with the NDP too and, of course, the cooperation of the Bloc was essential if it was going to bring its 50 seat bludgeon of seats to the fray. So now we had arraigned against the Conservatives:
  • the full range of opposition parties, including the Greens, and not necessarily for their power aspirations alone;

  • a "progressive" friendly media led, as always, by the CBC and the Toronto Star;

  • new "progressive" friendly media elements typified by the Globe & Mail (rabidly pro-Liberal this time), CTV NewsNet, and the Canadian Press (owned by G&M, TorStar and LaPresse); I wonder if Bell Canada's hand is in this, still smarting at the Conservatives' elimination of Income Trusts, which Bell was about to convert to immediately after the 2006 election;

  • Canadian Auto Workers (has website devoted to targeting 50 ridings against the Conservatives); note that the CAW's list includes Liberal, NDP, BLOC and Green candidates this time; shades of an upcoming coup, eh?);

  • Public Service Alliance (underground campaign so far, but running an "Anything But Harper" campaign in select ridings);

  • United Food and Commercial Workers (I expect the Food Inspectors in Ottawa to push out a follow-up fluff piece any day now about the "inadequacy of the Harper Government to protect Canadians" --- they always do. Their slogan is: "Goodbye Steve";

  • Canadian Health Coalition (and provincial offspring);

  • Council of Canadians: Maude Barlow of Think Twice fame is still at it; is Margaret Atwood still with them?

  • Catch 22: a very interesting vested interest site; see their co-conspirators/plotters;

  • And so on ... AVAAZ, Dogwood, For the Public Good (theirs, not ours), "Project Democracy" (theirs, not ours), Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, and others. All these were friends of, or funded previously by, the previous Liberal government (i., you and me, the taxpayer).
An excellent starting point in your research to check all this out, of course, is Election Canada's List of Registered Third Parties for this election. All you have to do is follow up the names with a Google search, and add the word "campaign" and a filter of "within the past month". It works wonders.

Which brings us to this election. I wrote one post on it, Anatomy of a Coup, earlier this week. It fills in some of the details of the coalition. And a Coalition it is, a.k.a. a planned and concerted hijacking of democracy. A cabal of traitors, in other words, conspiring to influence the result of an election and, if that fails, to negate the choice of voters at the first opportunity afterwards.

I don't think for a moment that all of the Traitorous Cabal's effort lies with the Liberals. They would be quite satisfied, perhaps more so, to see a NDP-led Coalition flaunt the will of the people. It's just that their first choice is the Liberals, and I expect they would be quite satisfied with either the NDP, Bloc, Greens or Communist party ... if that could occur. Or a coalition of any or all of them.

Folks, fellow Canadians. It's our country that these selfish, traitorous, and self-serving piglets are trying to hijack. If you want to let them do that to protect their special "entitlements" and agenda, fine. But if you are like me, and scared at how easy it has been for these hidden cowards to take over Canada, assisted by a highly-concentrated media, then we have to do something about it. Especially the sleazy and hidden agenda of the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc ... the Coalition.

Get the word out folks, though comments to articles in the media, through the remaining free media (e.g., National Post, SunTV, radio stations), blogs, word of mouth, your friends, newsletters, etc. And ask yourself a simple question: if it is so easy for me to dredge up these links via Google, why have the mainstream media completely ignored this treachery?

We can't let our democracy be hijacked again. If we don't stop them now, they WILL be successful this time at subverting OUR democracy. Be careful who you vote for. It might be the Coalition and their seedy co-conspirators!

And remember. Don't be gladdened or saddened by any one member of the coalition gaining or losing a seat in polls, or on May 2nd. All they are is shifting seats amongst themselves. One of them goes up, the other goes down. Total seat count remains the same.

Reference: Here's a list of links that I have referenced in this post by simple Google search, perhaps some more:
Update: Now it's beginning to make more sense, especially Harper's strong and repeated cautions during his campaign. And this group of shadowy characters pulling the strings behind the scenes is much more sinister than I thought. And American-backed.

From another posting elsewhere, there is a report that Avaaz is a George Soros backed group. Also, that they may be fronting the "Project Democracy" web site, which is a pure "Anything But Harper" manipulator. Soros is reported as an extremely rich American trying to foist his view of socialism on the world. Obama is reputed to be one of his products. You can connect the dots from there. Thus the extreme coordinated effort by unions on a "Anything but Harper" basis.

Canada, I really fear that that our nation as we know it, and our lifestyle, is under a very concerted attack. And it doesn't look good. You know what to do. Spread the word. And VOTE!


Sandy Crux said...

Good analysis burp 'n Run.

Alberta Girl said...

Amazing info...i am saving this in my files.

burpnrun said...

Folks, don't save it in your files! Spread the word. Quick! Even if it''s a link from an article on your blog, or embedded within a comment in a MSM article. This is serious, and we haven't got much time to let Canadians know.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see how an economy larger than Canada's can become bankrupt from too much union influence you only need to look at California. City Managers with 8000 residents paying themselves and there cronies annual salaries of$800,000+, Jerry Brown winning the Governorship virtually without campaigning. He didn't have to. He had the backing of the public unions. Policemen and prison guards by the thousands retiring at age 50 with 80 to 100% pensions ($100 k + in many cases) and medical coverage for life, for them and their spouses, indexed to inflation. The entitled don’t seem to understand that somebody has to actually create the wealth before they can take it.

Anonymous said...

Added you to my favorites list on RHS of my blog.

Good stuff!!! Keep it up!

burpnrun said...

Hey Springer, I'm not part of the BT crowd. Think you can find a way to give the link a bit of a hit? I'm desperately trying to get the message out, becuase the MSM are still so preoccupied with promoting Iggy and slaming Harper.

been around the block said...

Really good stuff, burp 'n' run. How about adding Power Corporation to the list? They appear to be the puppet masters behind Trudeau, Mulroney (I always wondered why being "Conservative" he continued the LPC social agenda), Chretien, Martin, and Rae (who's lurking stage-left to become the LPC leader when Iggy bombs).

We're actually dealing with the spirit of "this present darkness" here; the opponents of PMSH and the CPC are legion.

Your post is linked through a commenter at Stephen Taylor's blog. I'll include a link to your blog, burpnrun, on the blogs I frequent if it's not already up.

Thanks for this.

(Have you sent it to SunTV?)

burpnrun said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. No, I haven't sent it to SunTV. I did send my earlier article to thesource@sunmedia, but nothing from Ezra. Any better e-mail address?

Nice to hear some action on links. We need everything we can get!


Anonymous said...

I think we're going to see a uniting of the left here in due course.
The time frame most likely will depend on the outcome of this election in that Who comes out ahead on the Left flank should theoretically have more clout...(show me a socialist WHO doesn't have an overblown sense of themselves!)

Should Jack Layton amass any form of power as Ldr. of the Opposition or sssshudder PM thru some obscure knothole(say it can't happen!!)...then depending on Jack's long range stamina(health issues)the ducks will start lining up.
Bob Rae could conceivabley find himself in a bind now by possibly betting on the wrong horse...Who woulda thunk the Libs might implode into obscurity!...May 2nd will tell.

This is a hard one to call as its too hard to guage just how smart these people really are in their planning and how collectively dedicated they are in their perceived cause.

True, as there is no honour amongst thieves nor socialists, Bob Rae may have these bases covered as no one can reasonably deny that the man is a slick operator and not to be underestimated.

All in all these are exciting times and may 2nd can't come fast enough.
I voted today though it would take a nuke to dislodge our Conservative incumbent.

However will this election be enough to decimate the LPC?

klndry said...

My wife and I both thought the same thing last week. It was a coup in the guise of democracy.

But it will be Layton in charge of this coup. Taliban Jack.

Joseph Kerr said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahaha

And I thought my jokes were bad

Anonymous said...

Probably the most eloquently-wrote bit of pure stupidity ever written here. I commend you for buying well into Harper's detailed lies and complete ignorance of our democratic system within this country. Congratulations!