Apr 17, 2011

Twilight Zone of the Liberals

It's all over, folks. Except for the constant barrage of BS we will hear from the Liberal side of the house over the next 14 days.

The Liberals are finished. Their polling numbers are still flat or declining. Ignatieff is trusted only slightly more than Gilles Duceppe, so that will give you some understanding of how bad it is. Nobody is listening to, or believes Ignatieff and the Liberals any more. They have blown their load, and are now in a deep crater that the blow-off created.

They have now entered "save the furniture" mode ... try to save as many existing seats as possible. They will have declines in Quebec, the East Coast, and Ontario. They are, and will be even more so, a regional/urban party of some enclaves in Canada's three largest cities. A slightly larger verion of the Bloc, in other words.

Jack Layton and the NDP have a good shot at becoming the official Opposition in the next parliament. Way to go, Jack. You earned it!

The "Hidden Agenda" cards, the last in the Liberals' war chest, are finally being played. Healthcare. Abortion. Dealth Penalty. You name it.

Their media newsletters (the Star, Globe & Mail, CTV NewsNet, CBC) have ramped up their pro-Liberal, anti-Conservative rhetoric to overdrive ... with shrill stories about "missing" F-35 engines, Healthcare, previous school papers on abortion issues and legislation breathlessly announced as the latest "scandals", pictures of Harper in his silly cowboy costume and 150-gallon hat, overplaying the Guergis "travesty".

And failing to mention that, except for the Conservatives' prompt action, the Liberals and their Liberal-dominated Elections Canada cronies would have trashed our democratic rights and rules at the Guelph "ballot-box stuffing" boondoggle.

I particularly like the engineless F-35 stories that are being trotted out ... that won't say, of course, that there are a number of engine suppliers, and why decide now when there will be a host of options to select from later, competitively? So, total BS, but we are in "save the furniture" mode, right?

And of course, trotting out Chretien and Martin to give us that "back to the future" nostalgia for the Good Old Days. Good Old Days, eh? Both are charter members of the very exclusive AdScam Club. Mr. Dithers is another true Canadian "patriot" ... he still keeps his ships and corporations offshore to avoid Canadian taxes. Are they so arrogant to think that we wouldn't remember Martin gutting healthcare transfers by 25% to the provinces? And raising our federal taxes at the same time? And us getting hit in our wallets a third time, since provinces had to raise taxes to make up for Martin's healthcare transfer shortfalls? Or Martin's "balancing the budget" BS, by raiding $57 billion from the EI surplus?

Right on cue, the latest Liberal Premier to have trashed a province, from "Engine of Canada" ... to "Have Not Status", is trotted out to make inane noises about healthcare/medicare. Yes, Dalton McGuinty, the greatest provincial liar of all time, is out there shilling for Ignatieff and his Liberals. After saying at the onset of the election that he wouldn't be campaigning at all. Another indication of the desperation of Ignatieff and his inept crew. All they have left to roll out is a parody of the most incompetent premier in Canada, a liar, and a breaker of written promises. Pitiful.

And, now, the crowning glory of Liberal stalwarts comes slithering like a snake, from under a rock, to write an article in the media. Yes, Warren Kinsella is back in the press with a vitriolic, full-bore attempt to revise history and the truth, and to scare people into forsaking good government. Instead, he posits, only Liberals will save you from that.

Warren, of course, is the slimy thing that Gomery described as nothing more than a mere clerk, yet a legend in his own mind. His claim to fame is apparently being employed as one of many underlings in the Chretien years. But if you read up on him, he perceived himself as the Second Coming ...at a time when even a brain-dead slug could have won a majority against a non-existent, fragmented and disorganized opposition on the right. Enough about this slimy snake.

In the last two weeks of the campaign, the Liberals and their supporting hordes of newspapers and TV outlets are going to bombard us with more imagined "1984 travesties" of the Conservatives, and even more creative (yet cleverly disguised) "Hidden Agendas" of the Conservatives. Bolstered, of course, by puff pieces on Ignatieff. The first appeared today written by Radwanski of the Globe.

No wonder Canadians just want this election to be over with quickly, to elect a majority government, to get rid of the $2/vote funding that makes this torture possible. Make this all go away, they say!

Patience, folks. Salvation is on the way. And hopefully the total extinction of the Liberal party so that they can reconsitute themselves, understand and agree what they believe in (as opposed to just "Liberal Entitlements"), regrow their organization, and attract back members and donations. Just as Harper did.

They will have a nice, unbroken period of four years to do this. And Warren Kinsella's "help" of course.

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