Apr 25, 2011

Volpe Liberals Trashing NDP (sorry: Green) Flyers

Saskatchewan-based blogger Kate McMillan at "Small Dead Animals" credits "Buckdog" with turning up a very interesting set of photos.

Joe Volpe (Liberal Member of Parliament for Eglinton-Lawrence in Toronto) is knocking on doors, and his assistant/handler is inserting Liberal flyers into mailboxes.

Only thing is, the handler is removing other parties' flyers first, and trashing them. In this case, it's NDP (sorry: Green) flyers.

Caught on camera, step by step. The direct link is here. Complete with explanation of what is taking place.
  1. NDP (sorry, Green) flyer visible in mailbox.
  2. Handler "visits" mailbox.
  3. Presto. Liberal flyer now in mailbox.
  4. NDP (sorry, Green) flyer now in bluebox.
Isn't this tampering? Shouldn't someone be charged with a crime?

I wonder how long the mainstream media will keep this hidden to protect their Liberal friends?

Update: a commenter writes to inform me that it was Green flyers that Volpe's handler trashed, not NDP.

Postscript: The button-photo at the top of the post comes from Volpe's run at the Liberal leadership a few years back. It was alleged that Joe had the backing of a great number of Liberal supporters who, unfortunately, were under six feet of dirt. Sterling Liberals, otherwise.

Volpe eventually folded his leadership bid, and joined Bob Rae's camp. We all know how that turned out in the eventual face-off between Ignatieff, Rae and Dion!

Volpe's also been involved in other "affairs", the most notorious being his amazing ability to collect $5,400 donations from severely underage kids (under 10 y/o) who, apparently, had this money laying around in their piggy-bank. They had no doubt that giving Joe the money would result in a better world. This "affair" inspired the infamous "Youth for Volpe" campaign parody website (click on link) ... missing a few pieces after all these years, but still a hoot!

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The QuasiPundit said...

Correction: the flyer in question was for the local Green candidate