May 5, 2011

The NDP's Vegas Vote Scam

The Greens in particular, followed closely by the NDP, know that in an election they will never be competitive in a host of ridings beyond a nominally small percentage of votes cast. However, to maintain the fiction of being a "national" party and, most importantly to vacuum up the taxpayer-subsidized $2/year/vote "reward" for each vote cast in their direction, they create "candidates" in each of these ridings and register them with Elections Canada.

The Greens usually, however, field candidates that live within the riding and engage in signage and door-to-door campaigning. The NDP, especially in Quebec in this election, have engaged in pure flim-flammery ... and are now being hoisted on their own petard of "making a mockery of democracy".

It is now evident that the NDP did little more than approach and sign up warm bodies, perhaps at a pub or two, to act as their "candidates" in a number of Quebec ridings. If telephone poles could have placed their signature on an agreement, no doubt the NDP would have preferred to take that course since telephone poles are generally less troublesome and "interviewable" than human beings.

Once that nominal party paperwork was completed, it seems to be the case that the NDP party apparatus took over and secured the necessary signatures/nomination papers necessary to register these ghost candidates with Elections Canada. It now appears that NDP personnel responsible for this rather straight-forward task didn't do their job very well. After all, these ridings would normally fly under the radar of the media and voters on election day, and the NDP could look forward to the $2/vote/year "reward" flowing into their party coffers on a regular basis.

Let me say this again, clearly and simply. If any fraud was perpetrated on the Canadian electorate in this scam, it was Jack Layton and the NDP that did it, not Ruth Ellen Brosseau!

It was just Jack Layton's bad luck that a ton of Quebecers chose to park their votes with his party, thus raising the subsequent question of, "Who are these newly-elected MPs?".

And so the NDP's "Vegas Vote Scam" slithered out from beneath a rock, initially focussing on problems with signatures on Ruth Ellen Brosseau's nomination papers, but broadening quickly to those of other NDP "telephone pole candidates". Including their alleged difficulty in knowing where their riding was, their lack of physical presence at any time in the riding during the election, and their complete surprise on the night of May 2nd that they had won the secret lottery prize of $157,000/year, plus very generous expenses, courtesy of Canadian taxpayers.

This NDP Scam will play out in coming weeks as the media finally gives Jack's party the scrutiny that it should have received all along. For example, it is inconceivable to me that Jack Layton and all of his senior staff did not know and condone, if not explictly decide, the strategy to put forth "telephone pole candidates" in every lost-cause, sacrificial-lamb riding. The fact that Ruth Ellen Brosseau cannot now be located suggests to me that the NDP are hiding her from the media, prepping her what to say when she does see the light of day, and are using their levers of influence in the media to minimize the breadth and depth of coverage in the press. Now you know why the NDP would have preferred to use telephone poles as these ghost candidates, rather than humans.

It doesn't matter that Quebecers voted for Jack, as opposed to local candidates, in this past election as some articles are now suggesting. Nor that if a new vote were held in (say) Ruth-Ellen's "riding" tommorrow, that the result would be the same. No, full investigation and exposure of this Scam is necessary to:
  • Once more illustrate why the $2/vote/year "reward" has to be revoked; in short, it is thoroughly "gameable", it encourages these sham/ghost candidate stragegies, and it belittles democracy.

  • Illustrate the contempt that Jack Layton and his NDP really have for democracy in Canada, when it comes to vacuuming up every last cent they can from our wallets to advance their own interests and entitlements.

  • Illustrate the perversion of truth that comes from Layton's lips every time he accuses other parties of having no respect for democracy, or persisting with the cynical and opposition-manufactured "contempt of parliament" charge against the Conservatives on April 25th. As a matter of fact, anything that comes from Layton's lips is generally a perversion of truth, or just plain BS.

  • Add another item that highlights the sheer incompetence of Elections Canada during this election. Whether it was the unsanctioned (illegal?) Guelph special ballot/polling station fiasco, or their wholly inadequate and unenforceable "Twitter Policy" for communicating results before official times, or non-prosection of the CBC for that same perversion of results communication, or this latter case of failing to exercise due diligence in checking a representative sample of Ruth Ellen Brosseau's nomination paper signatures (and every other candidate's in every riding in Canada), it is now apparent the the Head of Elections Canada, and key staff, should be fired for gross incompetence and negligence.
I'll stop there. I sincerely hope, and I expect a majority of fair-minded Canadians do too, that Elections Canada examines and verifies the authenticity and legality of each and every nomination paper/signature of at least every candidate fielded by the NDP in Quebec and, if necessary, those of any and all candidates of all parties across Canada in this election. And prosecutes to the fullest extent possible, everyone who was complicit in this Scandal, this perversion of democracy.

Because if we don't, the first step in democratic processes that produce our representatives in Ottawa begins with fatal flaws. And you can't build a house on a flawed foundation.


Erick said...

I will go on record and say within the next two years there will be at least 10 by-elections in Quebec as these ghost candidates will not be able to handle the pressure.

burpnrun said...

Ah, but now read: