May 5, 2011

Pop Goes the Weasel ...

A little earlier than I had expected (see "NDP" section here) , Thomas Mulcair pops up and starts erecting the wall between "his" Quebec NDP contingent, and Jack's ROC contingent.

Mulcair has now laid out his role as the leader, mentor, trainer and handler of all Quebec resources of the NDP. Also confirmed by this is that the Quebec contingent has an insular, purely Quebec-focussed view of their role and objectives of living within the NDP umbrella.

Jack's contingent are probably becoming more distressed at Mulcair's power as each moment passes.

Mulcair, holding all the cards at this point, has a flexible range of options to exercise:
  • change NDP policies vis-a-vis Quebec (probably to the extreme detriment of Canada), by working within the party as Deputy Leader;

  • do the same, by displacing Layton as Leader (time, illness, internal war)

  • bolt sometime and do a "Bloc Quebecois" with 58 MPs, becoming the official opposition (Jack would only have 44).
There will also be Quebec provincial party implications from Mulcair's actions.

Watch for more publicity-seeking by Mulcair, more upping of the ante, more tensions within the NDP.

Great theatre. Just like the "Perils of Pauline" thrillers.

Postscipt: Now folks can begin to comprehend the direct result of Jack prostating himself before the high alter of Quebec appeasement in a greedy attempt to gain a few more seats in Quebec, without thinking through the implications and, especially, the risks.

Mulcair is blatantly positioning himself as the Quebec voice, the logical heir to the Bloc option. He will either take over the NDP and change its character to "the Quebec party", or will bolt to form the nucleus of a new movement.

Jack, when you sacrificed the rest of Canada's "fair play" support of official bilingualism by promising to Quebecers that you would subvert that to Bill 101's unilingual French policies, when you exposed Canada to the potential of divisive warfare by recklessly promising Quebecers to reopen Constitutional talks, and when you pandered to the separatiste aspirations of Quebecers, all in the name of greedily grubbing a few more votes and seats, this is what you get.

You didn't dare do this in the English language debates, did you? No, you waited until the French debates, and continued this reckless path on subsequent French language TV and radio shows. And, of course, your ever-loving "progressive" and complicit media told us in the ROC nothing about this, did they Jack?

One important consolation. We have a highly-principled and "knows what he is doing" PM in Ottawa, that can deal effectively with the chaos that your self-centred actions have wrought upon your party, upon ROC citizens who voted in good faith for your party, and on all Canadians.


Anonymous said...

Jerkin Jack deserves no slack

Paul MacDonald said...

That's good analysis

maryT said...

Mulcair wants to be leader of the ndp, and expected Jack to step down after the coalition was in power. OOPS, something happened on the way to the forum, and there is no way Jack will give up living at Stornaway. So, his only hope is to take those 57 mps with him and pull a Buchard, sooner rather than later. The Bloc will join him and Quebec will be the laughing stock of Canada. We do not need to give in to their blackmail anymore, in fact we will help them pack to leave.
Heard some gal on cpac saying that the PM has to do this that and the other thing to make Quebec happy. He must have cabinet representation in Quebec. Hey, didn't they defeat the ministers they had.